November 26, 2014


Ohio lawmaker proposes LeBron license plate

LeBron James

LeBron James

CLEVELAND (AP) — An Ohio lawmaker wants to give the state’s motorists the chance to score a license plate honoring LeBron James.

State Rep. Bill Patmon is planning to introduce legislation to permit the sale of a commemorative “LeBron James Witness 2.0″ plate honoring the Akron native’s decision return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“When LeBron came home, it was a big deal for us,” said the Democrat from Cleveland. “It might not be for the rest of the world, but it’s a big deal for Cleveland.”

James, a four-time NBA most valuable player, was drafted by the Cavaliers in 2003 but left town for Miami after seven seasons. Last month, he announced he would re-sign with Cleveland.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles offers more than 150 specialty plates, including one that Patmon pushed through the Legislature that honors comic book hero Superman. The Man of Steel was created by two Clevelanders, Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, who grew up in the Glenville neighborhood that Patmon represents.

“People from all over country and world called (the BMV) office about the Superman license plate,” Patmon said.

Unfortunately for Superman’s out-of-state and international fans, they would have to register a vehicle in Ohio to get a plate, although Patmon thinks there’s an “after-market” for them as there would be for a LeBron James plate.

The state currently does not offer any license plates commemorating a real person, dead or alive. Lindsey Bohrer, a spokeswoman for the Ohio BMV, is not aware that the state has ever had one.

Ohio does have plates for more than two dozen Ohio colleges or universities, 40 with military themes, seven for professional sports teams and more than 80 others that tell let the motoring world know you are a prospective organ donor, an Eagle Scout or a “Friend of Coal.”

The motor vehicle bureau charges $35 for most specialty plates plus an agreed-to amount that goes to charity. For example, a breast cancer awareness plate adorned with a pink ribbon, generates $25 for the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio.

Patmon wants the LeBron James Family Foundation to receive the additional cost those plates would generate. He said he has spoken to James’ representatives.

  • MacdaddyOH

    Way to be a thinker State Rep. Patman. Those creative thinking marbles are rolling now.

  • golfingirl

    You have got to be kidding me!

    What next, a Benedict Arnold plate, with the word “traitor?”

    What a waste of a lawmaker’s time.

  • tommtomm

    who gives a flying F… about this guy, maybe you should make a license plate for the fallen ohio officers that actually did something with their lives than become a ball hogging basketball playing loser.
    or maybe a wounded warrier project license plate. let me guess the lawmakers black and he wants to show his homie some love. smh

    • golfingirl

      He represents the 10th district, which includes downtown Cleveland and areas south.

      No other problems in his district….it is a safe, clean, thriving area, which gives him the time to propose meaningful legislation, like a LeBron license plate.

      Sarcasm intended!

    • brenda

      Oh so you say its a black thing? Please tell me that’s not what you’re saying when majority of his fans are WHITE! You dumbass! And as a matter of fact the lawmaker in question is WHITE! Again you DUMBASS! Now you and your “buddies” can sit around and rut for him like you know you are going to anyway!! And don’t hate because a is a young talented BLACK man is good at what he does, and uuhhh you’re sitting around doing nothing with your mediocre job. Lololol….can you even afford a ticket to a go to watch, not only him but several BLACK men do what they do!! HA! HA!

      • FoodForThought63

        I agree with everything you say here Brenda except for Bill being white-unless he has been baking in the sun for quite some time he is not white lol.

  • justanotherday

    Are elected overpaid officials hard at work… And we question what’s wrong with the government. Lol

    • fatnumber

      ARE? its OUR!!!! get an education

  • Pablo Jones

    Wow you normally keep your plate for 4 years, you will have it 2 years longer than the length of his contract.

  • Sue Leiby

    WAIT a minute….He’s not a President…He’s not a Pope…Give him his
    recognition as a good basketball player…Nothing more…I see it as
    just a way to make money…Leave his name be….

  • michelle

    shall we slay the fattened calf too? talk about feeding the ego.

  • Steven

    Wow. A politician thinking this ball player is a god. He’s not. And so what if he can toss a basketball? All “professional” sports players are grossly overpaid.

  • golfingirl

    If you want to “wear” an acknowledgement of the return of the “King” on your car, go buy a bumper sticker!

    • Scout

      Yeah it’s cheaper.

  • Mike Litoris

    Because THAT’S important…

  • Otter

    Really. Way to try to sell it, saying $25.00 goes to the LeBron James Family Foundation…I am going to donate to that, right after the check I sent to Oprah clears.

  • brenda

    You know I am a basketball ball fan but to me no one player deserves any special treatment. But for someone to insinuate that it’s a black thing is going a little far. Some of the comments that are made are simply ridicules! I agree that making a license plate with his name is out there. And sadly enough people are going to buy them. But it gives no one the right to make it a racial thing. @tommtom you have got to back away from the bowl. Didn’t like that huh?

    • Simon Jester

      There you go again. I’ve parsed the comments. You’re the only one race baiting here.

      Get a life.

      • Simon Jester

        And your abuse of the English language is appalling. Those little squiggly lines under words are subtle hints..

    • WTFnext

      Ridicules????? I think you mean RIDICULOUS!!

  • Scout

    I’m hoping the representatives of the LeBron James Family Foundation are not going to think to long and instead say ‘thanks but no thanks.” LeBron James is a good guy, hasn’t gotten into all the trouble that some of these athletes do when noteriety goes to their heads, and is trying to do something good with the foundation. Mr. Patmon should go back to the state house and work on issues that are more important than license plate issuance. Like golfingirl girl said, ‘buy a bumpsticker’.

  • Phil Blank

    The politician(s) just thinks he sees a why ti get more money out of people, he is right, the fools will buy them and at an extra cost!

  • GreatRedeemer

    Are you kidding… Does it have a suitcase in the middle

  • 2muchgovernment

    Because our cities, states and country have no bigger important issues to worry about. Just another dumbocrat.

  • LAB1660

    Hope this goes the way of the Michael Jackson plate in Indiana. A “great” thought for the moment, with nothing in reality. As anyone can see, not even Indiana has done the Michael Jackson plate since he passed away, either. I wouldn’t buy it because it’s a waste.

  • fatnumber

    As a CAVS fan, this guy is off his rocker.

  • Dawn Smith Dixon

    Get a grip, there are many more deserving, like any one of the many from Ohio who gave their lives for our freedom! Chances are he’ll get hurt or choke again anyway, the Cleveland curse has not been lifted because of his return.

  • Simon Jester

    And for his next feat, tomtom(TIMMEH!!) will insult my mother and other female relatives.

    Step right up folks, and get your tickets now, to see the amazing, poo flinging chimp, tomtom!