November 23, 2014


Oft-arrested teen in custody as suspect in Lorain burglaries

LORAIN — A teenager who admitted to 27 burglaries and was found driving a stolen car last year was arrested again Friday morning after he and another man broke into a South Lorain house, according to police.

The 17-year-old Lorain boy was charged with burglary about 11 a.m. Friday at a house on the 2400 block of East 37th Street in Lorain. He was found hiding in the attic of the house with Steven Johnson, 18, who was also charged with burglary and a warrant for assault.

Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson

Police have been seeking the 17-year-old, who they believed could be connected to recent burglaries in South Lorain around Grove Avenue, according to Lorain police Detective Jake Morris.

On Friday morning, they received a call from a resident on East 37th Street who told police she saw the teenager and Johnson going into her neighbor’s home through a window.

Police arrived and surrounded the house. They saw the teenager and Johnson looking through a window in the house and even opening the front door before seeing officers and going back inside, Morris said.

Police tried to order the teenagers out of the house and when they refused to leave, police, worried that someone could be held against their will inside, went in. They found the teenagers hiding in the attic, Morris said.

As the 17-year-old was being taken into custody, he told police he would be “out tomorrow,” according to police.

He was taken into custody in the spring of 2013 for burglary and in questioning admitted to 27 burglaries around South Lorain, Morris said. The teenager was placed on house arrest following the admission but immediately cut off his ankle monitor and escaped. He was found and charged with escape shortly thereafter, police said.

Police also charged the 17-year-old with driving a stolen car last year.

The 17-year-old’s history was part of the reason police started suspecting him when burglaries were reported in South Lorain.
According to Morris, the 17-year-old and Johnson were seen trying to get into other homes in the area before they are accused of breaking into the one on East 37th Street on Friday morning.

Morris said police believe the two teenagers had a system that they used break into homes in the area which included waiting until residents left for work, breaking into homes during the day and stealing electronic items like TVs and computers.

“We are going to specifically pay attention to his case … to ensure he does not get anything other than consequences for his actions,” Morris said.

The 17-year-old was taken to Lorain County Detention Home while Johnson was taken to Lorain City Jail where he was being held without bond on Friday. Johnson is scheduled to appear Monday in Lorain Municipal Court.

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  • SpaceTech

    Sooner or later this little P.O.S. will come out of a home that is NOT his, and he will be in a body bag!

  • Simon Jester

    Only a matter of time before he tries out violent crime. Hopefully he’ll stop a few bullets next time, after he gets “Out tomorrow”

    • Simon Jester


      Tragic it may be…. ( I don’t consider the death of this type of animal tragic, but whatever) The more often dirtbags get killed off while committing crimes, the less likely they are to be repeat offenders.

      Stands to reason..

  • LookBackTwo

    Castle Doctrine! Then we can read how it is a real shame this fine guy was killedand how he was turning his life around, etc, etc, etc!

  • oldruss

    This juvenile, who, “admitted to 27 burglaries and was found driving a stolen car last year,” is no longer a candidate for juvenile court. He’s graduated to adult criminal court, and should be tried for this latest burglary in adult court. With 27 burglaries on his record plus driving a stolen car, plus this most recent burglary, he should receive an enhanced sentence. Clearly, if the courts let him off again, he’ll just continue his crime spree.

  • GreatRedeemer

    Seems like the county DH system is a training ground for the big house, this
    young man does not seem to want to change his thug like choices.

    • Otter

      I’m guessing, they are no more than an incubator, and sperm donator.

      • Garcia

        No matter how many times you called about him missing curfew/not coming home; DH will not! not! take him… That is what was told to the parent/guardian over and over. It will all be taken care of when he goes to court. So we now see how much help the system gives.

  • Kevin Baker

    Just another example of the mess the juvenile justice system is in. The JSS is “out to lunch” as he will be “Out Tomorrow”.

  • Otter

    Well since Mr. “I’ll be out tomorrow” thinks he’s such a big big man, time to take him out of the juvenile system, and treat him like the adult he thinks he is.

  • todd

    Please let them try and break into my house. Please. I will save county and state money. Parents should be prosecuted of juvenile. They are POS too.

  • saltydog77

    Offer him 2 years in prison OR a one way ticket to Saudia Arabia and no charges.

  • saltydog77

    “Mother Nature” often removes stupid and ignorant people from the gene pool. So be it.

    • Simon Jester

      The US government has bubble wrapped the world, so the gene pool never gets it’s much needed bleach.

    • SpaceTech

      Sometimes mother nature just takes too long–this kid is obviously a bad seed and no amount of corrections will change anything, he will not wake up one day and see the light and errors of his way with a head full of bad wiring.
      So, he will do as he pleases until a good man puts him down.

  • Lee Brown

    Try him as an adult now,why wait till he kill someone.seems as if his parents can not control him an neither can the justice system.

  • Garcia

    He went out a window; the proper people were notified and pink slips filled out and delivered to the court. He did a year in DYS and had another chance. Here we are again. How do you get someone to want to do what’s right??? He did not get this behavior from his family. I have known his family for many years.

    • Bob

      Surely didn’t get his respect for other and their things from his family.

      This kid need to be taken out back into a wood shed and have the HOLY HELL beaten out of him. Might do him some good. Cause the next house he breaks into might have a gun owner and this little POS will end up DEAD.

      Enough Time Outs. Time for parents to step up and start being parents. And I am talking about all parents not just this little turd’s parents

  • johndoe

    POS! I hope he gets shot. Sometimes people are just born useless. Send him to Gaza for a long needed vacation. Well deserved.

    • Larry Crnobrnja

      I second that sentiment.

  • Otter

    It’s always Someone else’s fault…………..

    • redroses

      When he’s a minor, yes, his parents are partly to blame.

  • Scout

    If as Garcia-below-says he/she knows the family and they are a good family, then the only thing they can do is emancipate him from them. Then he can suffer the consequences in prison, not jail, and they will know where he is rather than reading about him climbing in and out of windows or in the obituary section.