November 22, 2014


Wrong-way Route 57 drivers getting tickets in Grafton

Traffic on state Route 57, which is Grafton’s Main Street, is expected to remain one-way with one lane of traffic going through the village until at least November.

Traffic on state Route 57 is expected to remain one-way with one lane of traffic going through the village until at least November. Police have ticketed 18 motorists traveling the wrong way. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

GRAFTON — Police have handed out 18 tickets to motorists traveling the wrong way on the 1.25-mile stretch of state Route 57 in Grafton where traffic is limited to one lane in one direction.

Those ticketed so far have been cited for entering Route 57 from side roads and attempting to drive north, in violation of the southbound-only traffic pattern, Grafton Patrolman Ken Jake said.

Police have been getting numerous complaints from construction crews and drivers who are properly following the southbound-only detour about others trying to go north on the one-lane road, Jake said.

The roadwork, which is adding a third lane and new sewer lines, has been the source of complaints by local businesses worried about the hit they would take from decreased traffic.

Harvest Café, a popular restaurant at the southern end of the work zone just north of railroad tracks near the downtown area, closed a few weeks back, but former owner Houssain Mishkin said the closing came a few months after the change of ownership and was not due to the roadwork.

Bob Klaiber, a deputy engineer in the office of County Engineer Ken Carney, said county officials have stressed to leaders of the Shelly Co., the Twinsburg firm serving as general contractor for the $4.62 million project, that the project has to be completed and the road reopened by a previously set November deadline.

“We’ve kept hammering that home,” Klaiber said. “We’ve been pretty firm about that. We’ve been told they have every intention of meeting the completion date.”

Grafton Council President David DiVencenzo believes the work has been mischaracterized as a road-widening project.

“I think everyone agreed that an extra lane was needed, as was rebuilding the whole road, but this is also about rebuilding aging infrastructure with new water and sewer lines,” DiVencenzo said. “Most importantly we’re going to have new, larger storm sewers for drainage.”

Those new sewers should alleviate problems with flooding and sewer back-up in the village’s north end, DiVencenzo said.

Earlier talk of maintaining two-lane traffic during construction was nixed after it was decided that would have required more right-of-ways to be obtained from businesses and private properties, as well as lengthening the construction timetable, DiVencenzo said.

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  • GreatRedeemer

    Shovel ready… Revenue for the city via tickets, perfect.

  • Megan Flanigan

    AGAIN, Steve, why was I not contacted for comment? I would like to see data and evidence that supports that a 3rd lane was needed, did you ask the council president that question?

    • Jason M. Schmidt

      Preach it, Megan.

      • Simon Jester

        Or not.

    • Simon Jester

      Were you possibly…. Incapacitated?

      It’s happened before…

      • Megan Flanigan

        Hey Simon….If you would like to call me regarding any concerns I can be reached at 440-731-0988…I’d love to provide you with facts.

        • Simon Jester

          Unless the Chronicle reported them wrong, we have nothing to talk about.

    • Simon Jester

      Oh wait, one isn’t supposed to point out their “betters”‘ flaws.

      You holding office at all is a mockery of public service. I sincerely hope someone worthy runs against you next time. Grafton deserves better.

    • Razorback Twou

      Sit down and have a drink.

  • villager

    Grafton Council continues to disappoint. Not “everyone” agreed that we needed an extra turning lane. Ask most village residents and they would say it was not needed, perhaps only a signal light. As for Mayor Megan….leave her alone. Why is every article about Grafton an opportunity to throw more stones? I will support and vote for Megan in the next election. Village Council is another story. I will vote against any of them that voted for this project and the poggemyer appointment. Seems like the “old boy’s club” is still alive and well in Grafton.

  • shern

    Have only lived in Grafton a short time. Very disappointed with the planning and execution of the road project. Yes I was one of the top complainers! After reviewing facts came to find that, as village notes, don’t blame Flanigan. The council are idiots. Their family very much opposed what’s going on. Quit throwing stones….it’s very old now.