November 23, 2014


Patrol: Medina woman not intoxicated or texting at time of fatal crash

Corrine Reid

Corrine Reid

GRAFTON TWP. — A woman who was fatally injured in a July car crash was not intoxicated or texting at the time of the crash, according to the Ohio Highway Patrol.

Corrine Reid, 25, a mother of two from Medina, died in a one-vehicle crash on Cowley Road while driving home from a wedding July 19.

Reid’s sister, Lori Reid, said the family feels vindicated by announcement.

“We never had any doubt about my sister’s integrity, but it is nice to have the validation that she isn’t ‘just another drunk driver’,” Reid said in a written statement. “My family and I are pleased that it wasn’t alcohol or texting related.”

A news release from the patrol initially stated “speed, alcohol and seat belt use are considered factors in the crash.” However, Patrol Lt. Travis Hughes said a recently-completed toxicology report showed that Reid’s blood-alcohol content was .039 at the time of the crash, below the legal driving limit of .08.

“(Alcohol) was involved but she was not over the legal limit,” Hughes said. He added that troopers also determined Reid was not texting around the time of the crash, and she was not wearing a seat belt.

Reid was driving southbound about 2 a.m. on Cowley Road near Crocker Road, heading home from a wedding July 19 when her 2002 Jeep Liberty went off the right side of the road, re-entered the road and then went off the road again, into a ditch, according to troopers. Reid was thrown from the vehicle and was taken to University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center, where she died from injuries sustained in the crash.

The patrol is still investigating what caused the crash, Hughes said.

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  • Memoree

    This is the very reason you guys should not post anything til it’s proven! This poor woman was crucified and her family had to defend her for something she was not even guilty of! Shame on you! RIP Corrine, you were a beautiful young lady, taken way too early. Prayers for your family and loved ones.

    • gotta

      Prayers to the family loved ones.

  • NR2004

    unfortunately she was not wearing her seat belt. possibly that could have saved her life. sad story.

  • Phil Blank

    A photo should be there, but I see nothing.

    • gotta

      I see a photo and who cares Really????

  • onesears

    .039 would probably get you a DWI..not an OVI..and not wearing a seat belt.

    • Lori Reid

      Nope hence the reason why it’s called a legal limit. And why alcohol was then deemed NOT a factor. We let people leave the ER with limits below .08 because it’s legal!

      • stillsleepyeyes

        don’t forget the police are allowed to have a .3 and still work…………

        • Lori Reid

          Exactly my dad can have a .04 and he a professional driver. My sisters level was even below that!

      • guest

        That says loads to me about her integrity.I remember feeling that to report something that was so damaging to her reputation before witnesses and family had time to process this accident was both cruel and lacked respect for the family and the victim. Hurtful and cruel remarks ensued which were premature. to What really caused the accidental death of this young woman may never be known. The real issue should be that these articles should be minimal until the families are given proper notice.

  • ekwaykway

    Seat belts save lives…so sad. My prayers for the family.

  • gotta

    Totally agree Memoree I was so angry by the comments when this first came out. Even with someone saying something about another car if I remember correctly. Hopefully Apologies will follow

    • Bill

      You won’t see any apologies. All the armchair quarterbacks with their hate filled hearts and sorry lives
      will just read the story and skip on by.

      • gotta

        Probably not. Just seems like some of the people that comment have never had a drink in their life then judge – or so they say

    • Larry Crnobrnja

      I didn’t see anyone attacking the victim of this accident, just people commenting about “alcohol being a factor” (as reported) and not using a seat belt. As a matter of fact, most people commenting even expressed condolences and prayers to the family. Just my two cents.

      • sarah

        That’s because the family had fought for the media to delete the harsh comments so the family could grieve in peace. Unfortunately the 19 action news team did not care and left the comments up causing a lot of pain for the family when everyone attacked her for being “drunk”

      • Exposing Trolls

        In case you missed the story they are referring to.

        And you said if you forgot… :)

        If my sister died in an automobile accident, I don’t think I would be arguing with people. Just saying…

        What was her estimated speed?

        “Speed, alcohol and seat belt use are being considered as factors in the crash, according to the patrol.”

        But why wasn’t she wearing a seatbelt?

        Enjoy your time in h3ll, hope I have enough time to make it around to you.

        • Larry Crnobrnja

          Quoting out of context exposes the troll in you. For instance;

          Larry: “If my sister died in an automobile accident, I don’t think I would be arguing with people. Just saying…”

          Lori: “Again if people like you were saying things like this bout your loved one you’d fight too. I will fight every single one of you because that’s what would make my sister proud! So go screw yourself”

          Larry: “Nobody is fighting with you. Your sister’s memory would best be served if her unfortunate accident saved others from the same. God bless her and your entire family. And hopefully others are awakened by her unfortunate loss.”

          I rest my case.

          • Exposing Trolls

            Since your comrades are afraid. F.H.H.
            You think this is a game?

          • Larry Crnobrnja

            Sorry Troll, I don’t click on unknown links.

          • Exposing Trolls

            Hey everyone!
            Look at this guy who thinks they know how the internet works…
            Cute, have fun dodging rocks!

          • Larry Crnobrnja

            Another characteristic of a troll is hiding in anonymity. Trolls crave attention and their anonymity allows them to avoid accountability. I’m honored to have one.

          • Exposing Bishop

            You have herpes out of context, you have herpes, not a troll…geesh
            Maybe you are out of your league?
            Unable to do much on the internets but use words

    • Otter

      Sadly you probably won’t see any apologies, The judgmental, and those with “selective” memory, will quietly fade into the background. My condolences to the family and friends of Corrine.

    • Exposing Trolls

      There was one poster in general, who is also the moderator of the CT, who tried to be as mean as they could.
      They have deleted my first post, asking for “Sis Delish” to be called out…

    • HankKwah

      I made the statement about another car. Because in the story, a witness said they saw another car close by before the car lost control. So tell me what should be apologized for about that?

      • gotta

        Don’t know what your statement was but I was trying to point out that people should have taken the statement regarding another car into consideration and thought it over before jumping to conclusions.

        • HankKwah

          Take it into consideration how? The article made it sound like maybe someone was messing with her and/or ran her off the road. What other conclusions could someone jump to?

          This was my statement: “An earlier story mentioned that someone saw the crash, and that another vehicle was involved.”

          I wondered if there was an update after that was posted. A later story mentioned that no other vehicles were involved. That’s it.

          • guest

            You are correct, we were told by an eyewitness that another vehicle was in the other lane besides her traveling at a high rate of speed before the accident happened. That is a fact we were told by the witness. Why would someone report something to Sheriff’s to further hurt the family as untrue statements surely do cause harm and hinder the investigation. We have no stake in this other than to share our compassion and loss of this young woman and the void that will take years to fill for her children and those who love her dearly. What ever the outcome of this tragic loss, it is most certainly an accident that brought with it great sadness to everyone involved.

          • HankKwah

            Thanks for the info. The mention of the other vehicle was removed when the story was updated. Wonder why?

        • Exposing Trolls

          That is just another account of the CT’s moderator, tries to ‘stir up conversation’ Most likely a consumer.

    • guest

      There was another car according to a witness.

  • Rider

    How about we celebrate her memory and think about her family and sons, rather than try to find reasons to tear her down. Some of you people are sick. This is why I lost my desire to be in journalism in this day and age.

  • jz

    Then the Highway patrol should have kept their traps shut. And, alcohol was not involved as in not a factor in the accident. Period.

    • Rider

      Agreed, this was an absolute blunder by the highway patrol. I’ve also heard from paramedic sources that her seat belt looked like it had been cut off. Just a tragedy all the way around.

      • SpaceTech

        “I’ve also heard from paramedic sources”
        You post against people making speculations yet you continue to do the same thing.

      • guest

        My son said he looked into the vehicle and it appeared as if the seat belt was torn from the vehicle. Can’t confirm myself as I did not go near the accident scene.

  • Joe Smith

    This is a good reason to remember to wear a seatbelt and encourage loved ones to do so.

  • The Great One

    A tip to everyone driving: if it was a small animal of some kind she swerved to miss, don’t swerve just run it over. When my kids get of driving age I’m going to drive this home to them. Saving a dog, cat, raccoon, skunk, or any other animal’s life is nothing compared to my kid’s life.

    • guest

      It can happen to anyone. It happens often on our road. Just a day after this tragedy on the same road, I almost hit a buck that ran in front of my vehicle. Not once but several times this has happened. So tragic, but it does happen…along with raccoons, skunks, chickens…turkeys..they all use the public road as their own. I try to warn my young drivers about this also…it’s not always as preventable to avoid them as one might think.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    I wasn’t talking to you or about you. Have you ever considered you’re bringing grief upon yourself by trying to start fights with others.