November 22, 2014


Tracy Sprinkle reinstated to OSU football team



Tracy Sprinkle returned to the Ohio State University football team, suiting up for the first official practice of the season Monday in Columbus.

Sprinkle, a former Elyria High School standout, was kicked off the team last month following his arrest during a brawl outside of a Lorain bar July 5.

Sprinkle pleaded no contest to an amended misdemeanor of attempted failure to comply with a police order during a hearing in Lorain Municipal Court last week. The plea deal saw prosecutors drop additional charges of possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia and riot.

Sprinkle was fined $500, given a suspended 30-day jail sentence and ordered to perform community service. Judge Mark Mink also told Sprinkle to stay out of bars.

Although Sprinkle practiced Monday, the defensive lineman won’t join the team on the field for Ohio State’s first game against the U.S. Naval Academy team later this month.

Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer said Sprinkle has been suspended for one game, lost his scholarship for the summer and must perform weekly service “and a multitude of other things to take care of business before he’ll ever see the field.”

Meyer also said that Sprinkle, who was a redshirt his freshman year, will have to earn his place on the team.

“He had a good day, but we’ll see,” he said of Sprinkle’s performance Monday.

Sprinkle was arrested outside the Grown & Sexy Lounge on East 28th Street after Lorain police were called to the bar about 2 a.m. July 5 because of a large fight both inside the establishment and in the parking lot.

A police report said officers saw Sprinkle and Wayne Blue being restrained by other bar patrons in the parking lot. Blue reportedly told police that Sprinkle had hit him in the face with a bottle, but denied that he had been trying to fight with Sprinkle after reaching his own plea agreement in Lorain Municipal Court last week.

Although Blue was arrested at the time, police let Sprinkle go and told him to leave. The football player was arrested later after police saw him arguing with someone else.

Lorain City Prosecutor Barry Motsch said during last week’s hearing that Sprinkle hadn’t been causing trouble for officers and was arrested because he hadn’t left when told to do so.

The drug charges stemmed from two small bags of cocaine found in the back seat of the police cruiser used to transport Sprinkle to the Lorain City Jail. Sprinkle’s lawyer, Mike Duff, has denied the drugs belonged to his client and pointed to multiple drug tests Sprinkle submitted to after he was released from jail as proof.

Those tests came back clean, Duff said.

Meyer said Monday the tests were an important factor in his decision to allow Sprinkle to return to the team.

“Tracy Sprinkle, he was dismissed because of an arrest and then some bad words were involved in that, like cocaine or something like that, and it was all dropped and he was drug tested with the hair thing, which goes back six months, and if any one shows up he was dismissed,” Meyer said during a news conference following practice Monday.

Meyer said the team did its own research before reinstating Sprinkle.

“I was shocked ’cause I’ve known Sprinkle for two, three years now,” Meyer said.

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  • golfingirl

    Good for him.

    Everyone deserves a second chance. I hope he makes good on it.

  • oldruss

    The Lorain City Prosecutor cut this Ohio State football player a break. Let’s hope that the Prosecutor’s leniency was not misplaced.

  • concerned American

    Really? Is this the example that our state universities want to set? Please, let’s call it like it is. He was an underage patron of a bar in a rough side of town, so let’s let him plea bargain away the harder charges? May be time to elect a new prosecutor at the least. Ohio State should hang their head in shame, as should all of us, if we are concerned as to the direction this country is going.

  • Educated Black Man

    It’s amazing that dicken can’t even write a story that paints a picture of the facts. He won’t even mention the fact that he was handcuffed in the back seat of the car face down and that the “cocaine” was allegedly “found” (if not planted) in the area of his torso meaning a 6’4 285 pounder was able to maneuver in a back seat, that he wasn’t even able to sit in, while handcuffed and take something out of his back pocket and “stuff” it in his torso area. Sorry but the laws of physics would point otherwise. But of course dicken isn’t gonna tell you that! Neither will the prosecutor or judge or even the lawyer for that matter! Lorain city police are full of dirty cops! And this is coming from someone who works in the “system” so I’m not just spewing out nonsense! But you’ll never here the truth! They want it to sound like he just had a good lawyer who helped him “beat the case”! Wrong! He was wrongfully accused! The truth may never fully come out! And of course these ignorant people will always have their opinions! But I’m sure their opinions are worth as much as the hell hole trailers they live in!

    • Rtgh123

      Intelligent OSU scholarship recipients who aren’t old enough to consume alcoholic beverages don’t hang out at the Grown & Sexy bar in Lorain, and intelligent OSU scholarship recipients don’t see a lot of police officers when they are at the library, or the Burger King hanging out with their intelligent friends. He’s such a punk. Can’t stand to even look at his face.

      • Educated Black Man

        Well seeing as in his gpa is pretty high, and it was summer so why would he be in a library? He was invited to a party he’s 19 he went. Was treated unfairly by dirty Lorain police officers and had every charge dropped due to the fact that every person at the bar was willing to testify against the police including the owner of the bar! Learn your facts before you formulate your opinions on someone. But don’t worry you won’t have to see his face.. Just don’t watching ohio state football games or watch the NFL draft in a couple years.. Good day sir.

        • hottamomma

          U r absolutely right, and most 19 yr old college students go to parties where there r alcoholic drinks being served, even on college campuses. So he did what most 19 yr olds would do. Some people said he shouldn’t have been there, but in actuality most people go to their friends party when invited. So I agree with u.

        • Rtgh123

          You can try to justify Mr. Sprinkles presence at the GROWN & SEXY bar all day long and it won’t work. Good day, Mr. Smoke & Mirrors.

          • Educated Black Man

            That’s fine… But another thing I don’t have to justify is him being reinstated to the team and the whole team being behind him… You know why? Because they spoke with lawyers as police officers and got the REAL story! Not the crap that’s being forced down your throat. If you were at the court hearing then you would have heard the police officer say that he had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RIOTS NOTHIG TO DO WITH THE FIGHTING NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING! So what exactly is your beef with him? I dont understand? I hope it’s not a race thing. I hope your not jealous that he’s a gifted athlete. Hopefully you’re just upset because you feel someone got around the law. When in truth he still got screwed over by the law because his punishment far exceeds a misdemeanor conviction!

    • golfingirl

      I did not get that from the story at all.

      The Police Report was previously printed in it’s entirety in the CT. It is not the reporter’s job to “paint” any picture, but report on the facts, keeping his opinion out of it.

      If he had left when ask by the Police, he would have never been placed in the police car. He should have just walked away.

      Bottom line is he received a fair punishment for his actions and should be grateful he has a second chance.

      I do hope he makes the most of it and leads a productive life, with, or without, football.

      • Educated Black Man

        Well. He’s reinstated! And the facts have not been told in this story AT ALL! They’re saying what they want heard. It’s sickening almost. But EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion. It just doesn’t make any sense that the opinions are being formed from a story with no facts being released from the actual story. Why wasn’t the bar owner interviewed? What about the other people at the establishment? The people who said that this kid was doing nothing wrong. What about the fact that the police put numerous people in the back of police cars and let them go but took those kid to the police station? I wonder why? No not because of color yes because they were trying to ruin his future!

        • HankKwah

          Why weren’t the people you mentioned interviewed? You mean, besides the fact that the police were there, saw what was happening, saw what he did, called for MORE POLICE, told him to leave, watched him leave, and then watched him come back? Gee, I don’t know, too bad there were no police around to see what ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

          • Educated Black Man

            And then another uneducated opinion! That NEVER HAPPENED! But since you were not there you can only formulate your opinion on what you’re being told..

          • golfingirl

            Were you present?

            Or are you just going on other’s accounts of what happened?

            Just asking.

          • HankKwah

            WHAT never happened? If you know something, spill it. Otherwise, shut it. I really don’t think the police sat down and fabricated all these “lies” just to nail your buddy Sprinkle.

            I didn’t realize that you were there. Tell us what the real story is, or quit trolling. It’s that simple. And if you don’t have anything “educated” to say, then give your keyboard to someone responsible so that you can’t come back here.

        • golfingirl

          Why don’t you asked to be interviewed?

          He got off with a minor penalty……just let it go and the story will die.

          Are you upset about this story, or just the actions of the Lorain Police in general?

          I am sure that is how he wants it.

  • Sis Delish

    Any reports of what Sprinkle’s Parents had to say about their boy being underaged in a bar in the wee hours?

    That’s the punishment that used to count!

    • Nicole

      It’s obvious his parents don’t really care much for him. They named him Tracy Sprinkle for heavens sake.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    It’s obvious that Tracy made a mistake. It’s also obvious that he wasn’t involved in anything that should cost him his future. Let’s have faith in this young man, faith that his eyes are opened and faith that he will better himself.

    I don’t care if he ever makes a tackle on the field. I care that he becomes a better man and a productive part of our society. Best of luck to you, Young Mr Sprinkle.

  • todd

    We have/had a black President, Sec. of State, Top General, and Supreme Court Judge You get FREE College because of your color and yet the black community still wants to use racism as an excuse for failing. Step up, raise your kids properly and stop using excuses that are just embarrassing to those of your color who have worked hark killing themselves to get to the top. People like “educated black” man would be better off condemning criminal activity instead of justifying; setting another bad example for black youth.
    I’m happy Mr. SPRINKLE gets a second chance everyone deserves that.

  • Chan

    So the police officers who testified in court contradicts what initial police report stated? If this is the case why isn’t there a further investigation as to (A.) Was the police report exaggerated and/or (B.) The officers who testified in court perjured themselves.
    People have to understand that these night clubs/bars can be rented to host parties and there is nothing illegal about someone under the age of 21 entering. Drug test was performed on this young man and they came back negative. SO WHAT he decided to go, that was his choice.
    Some people are so freaking miserable in their live that they hope to see people fail and couldn’t say anything positive if their own life depended on it.

  • oldruss