November 21, 2014


GOP officially names Cleveland host city for 2016 convention

Downtown Cleveland is show in this July 8 file photo. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak, File)

Downtown Cleveland is show in this July 8 file photo. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak, File)

CLEVELAND (AP) — The Republican National Committee has voted to officially name Cleveland as host for its 2016 national convention.

The 168-member organization of party leaders cast a unanimous vote for Cleveland during its annual conference on Friday in Chicago.

It’s now up to the host organizing committee in Cleveland to finish raising the $60 million it has promised the RNC for convention costs.

There are estimates that Cleveland has pledges of between $25 million and $30 million so far. The private, nonprofit JobsOhio program has pledged $10 million, and the city of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County have pledged $2.5 million each.

A host committee official told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the panel will work with the RNC to find national sponsors for the convention.

  • Joe Smith

    I hope it brings some money to the area

  • Chan

    I hope I can get tickets.

  • Conservator440

    Let’s see is the Dems play the Ohio card by choosing Columbus for their love fest.

  • Sis Delish

    Instead of spending useless campaign dollars on FitzGerald, the Ohio Democrats should send the money to the RNC for the 2016 Convention in Cleveland. It will benefit more working class folks than tossing money into the backseat of a Ford!

    • Rtgh123

      Working class folks will be a lot better off once all of the white, bigoted old men finally die off.

      • golfingirl

        By “white, bigoted old men,” do you mean those who are fed up with paying for a bunch of lazy tax dollar sucking pigs?

        • Rtgh123

          No, just white, bigoted, homophobic old men who watch Fox News.

          • Pablo Jones

            Wow where did you get those demographics? I think you forgot to add angry as well.

      • Sis Delish

        Now we know.

        You’re most probably a card-carrying member of the White, Bigoted Old Men Hater’s Club… “a middle-aged mother who grew up in the 80s..” Where is Your Convention being held?

        Not only were your parents embarrassed for you, but all white, bigoted old men are too. Did you boot your own “white, bigoted old man” from your household so you could raise pristine children free from bigotry?

        Are there any other groups you want to die off?

        From a Previous Posting of Yours:

        Judge orders Ohio authorities to recognize out-of-state gay marriage
        Rtgh123 • 4 months ago

        No, I don’t think they are embarrassed. I know a lesbian couple…. …As a middle aged mother who grew up in the 80s, I know that I embarrass my teenagers, just like I was occasionally embarrassed by my own parents when I was a teenager and we are all heterosexual.

        So tolerant, aren’t you, Middle Aged Mother who Grew Up in the 80s? I doubt that last part of the sentence. You may have lived in the 80s, but you have yet to grow up.

        Hey, I hear Ed FitzGerald is in search of a back-seat supporter… He’s White, but not Old. LOL

        • Rtgh123

          I anger an old, white, semi-reeetarrddedd old bigot like yourself so much that you waste a substantial part of your morning weeding through my old posts to respond to a comment that took me ten seconds. That makes me smile as I head off to the mall with the kids! Have a great day and keep voting against your own best interests!

          • Sis Delish

            Caution: Malls are owned by Old White Bigoted Men.

          • Rtgh123

            Great Northern Mall is owned by Macerich. The CEO of Macerich is Arthur Coppola. He is 62 years old. In 2012 he made political contributions to seven Democrats and six Republicans. He made a contribution to Mitt Romney’s campaign which makes sense because his salary was THIRTEEN MILLION dollars in 2013. You are not a millionaire. You are a retired fat A S S who bleeds social security dry because you earned $12,000-18,000 for thirty years while I earn $40,000 per year and pay into social security that won’t be there for me in 25 years because it’s paying your social security now, so that you can spend hours per day making clueless, delusion and ignorant comments on this website in the morning and then while away the evening hours eating Slim Jims while watching Fox News in your smelly recliner.

          • Rtgh123

            You also don’t have the balls to make your comment history visible, but you’ll spend hours reading through the comment history of other people and copying and pasting. You’ve made over 1200 comments! That’s really sad. Do you have any knowledge of world news, or do just obsess about things that are happening within a ten mile radius of your trailer park?

  • angelfire

    Had to laugh….considering they will never win this county (ask the Architect :-0 ) it is once again hysterical.

    • reallyoldfarts

      Huh? What does that mean? Win the country? Architect? What?