November 29, 2014


Two critically injured in motorcycle, SUV crash

A motorcycle and SUV collided Saturday afternoon at Kansas Avenue and E Street in Lorain. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

A motorcycle and SUV collided Saturday afternoon at Kansas Avenue and E Street in Lorain. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

LORAIN — Two people suffered critical injuries in a collision between an SUV and a motorcycle Saturday afternoon at the intersection of Kansas Avenue and E Street.

The male motorcyclist, whose name was not released by police, is a 45 year-old Lorain resident.

The driver of the SUV, a silver 2008 Kia Sportage, was a 72-year-old Sheffield Lake woman, police said.

Both were transported from the crash scene by LifeCare ambulance crews to Mercy Regional Medical Center, and later flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, according to a report issued Saturday night by Officer Kyle Gelenius of the Lorain Police Department Traffic Bureau.

Their conditions were not known at presstime.

The crash occurred shortly before 4:30 p.m. when a black 1998 Honda motorcycle southbound on Kansas Avenue collided with the Kia Sportage, which was eastbound on E Street, police said.

The impact ejected the man, who was not wearing a helmet, from his motorcycle, which fell over and came to a stop in the intersection.

The Kia continued south of the intersection on Kansas Avenue before leaving the road, driving into a front yard and veering across the street, where it crashed into a fence of another residence, police said.

Assistant Lorain Fire Chief Gary Burls said firefighters received a call about the crash at 4:30 p.m. Once they arrived at the scene, firefighters helped get the female driver out of her vehicle, and assisted ambulance personnel who transported the motorcyclist.

Burls said firefighters remained at the scene until after 7 p.m. to help clean up debris.

Police cordoned off the intersection as well as portions of several front and side yards of properties abutting the intersection with yellow tape that was wound around trees in spots.

The intersection was littered with debris after the crash, along with the man’s shoes, which were laying near the motorcycle.

Stella Simmons was preparing dinner in her home on the southeast corner of the intersection when she heard the crash.

“It really shocked me,” Simmons said as she and her husband, Nathaniel, looked on from the front steps of their home as police and firefighters cleaned up the scene.

“I heard it and when I looked out the window, the car was coming through the grass right here,” Simmons said, gesturing to an area in her yard 15 to 20 feet beyond her front steps. “It really scared me.”

“The whole driver’s side was dented in,” Simmons said. “I thought it would stop, but it just kept coming.”

After traveling through the couple’s yard, the vehicle made a sharp turn, crossed Kansas Avenue and drove into the yard of a home facing Simmons’ property, where it came to a stop after striking the corner of a garage.

Nathaniel Simmons said the motorcyclist was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and pants but no helmet.

The couple said the man appeared to be bleeding around his head and shoulder.

“He had a big gash on his leg,” Nathaniel Simmons said.

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  • franksnbeans

    Unsafe intersection…very dangerous

  • jeff81

    This makes me sick Mr. Fogarty! Not once but twice you mention that the motorcycle rider was not wearing a helmet! WHY? What does this add to your story? Does this change the fact that a 72 year old woman hit this man? NO!
    Maybe you need to focus on the fact that a 72 year old woman shouldn’t have been driving!

    • Joe Smith

      Why should a 72 year old not be allowed to drive?

      You mentioned her age twice like you are pointing out to the reporter about the helmet BTW.

      • jeff81

        Because age is a relevent factor, in the cause of the crash. Unlike wearing of a helmet. Whether he had a helmet on or or not, she still would have hit him, so therefore it is irrelevent…

        • Joe Smith

          Se also could have hit him no matter what age she was and as a matter of fact more young people get in wrecks than older people.
          My dad is 94 and hasn’t had any kind of accident in 70 years. The only accident he had was when he was on a motorcycle and laid the bike down on gravel.

        • DJ Dell

          Its not clear she hit him, witnesses said the driver’s side was dented in, sounds like he hit her, although she could have pulled out in front of him. Anything’s possible.

          • Joe Smith

            She likely is at fault, that intersection according to Google maps street view, she had a stop sign and he had the right of way. Of course no one knows if he was traveling at a high rate of speed etc. but my bet is that she will be charged.

    • Otter

      Can you show me where in this article it say’s the 72 year old woman hit him? There is a quote that saying “the whole drivers side was dented in”, I don’t know, because I wasn’t there, but from the photo, and quote from someone who was there, sure looks like the motorcycle hit the car.
      Maybe you need to wait for facts before you pass judgement.

    • B4CE

      One wonders if he had been driving a car , with the seat belt fastened, would this have been any more than a minor fender bender?

  • jeff81

    So what? You are deleting my comments now? What happened to the 1st amendment?

    • 2111

      Once again you are applying the wrong logic to a discussion.
      The 1st amendment doesn’t mean you get to say anything you want to say without consequences.
      It states that the government shall make no laws restricting your speech nor
      arrest you for what you state. This site has every right to not allow you to
      say anything it doesn’t want you to say, at any time, for any reason. No harm
      will come to you from their standards or rules.

      Why must you be relentlessly tilting at windmills?

  • 2111

    I’m missing how age is a relevant factor in the cause of the
    crash. If the ages would have been a 45 year old driver and a 72 year old
    motorcyclist would the cause of the accident now be the motorcyclist? It’s a description of the people involved and
    nothing more. It’s awful presumptuous to assume that age had any factor in this
    accident and the reporter made no attempt to present opinion into their report.
    The fact, not an assumption that the motorcyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet is accurate
    to all the information the reporter had and no conclusions about this fact were

    Everything mentioned in this article was factual. Why would
    you criticize someone for reporting facts especially when there were no
    assumptions or conclusions alluded to because of these facts? Had the reporter
    stated that the motorcyclist’s sustained injuries were because of the rider’s
    poor decision to not wear a helmet then you would have a legitimate reason to
    question the reporter’s objectivity. Instead you have let your agenda see a perceived
    wrong where there isn’t one and have only made yourself look foolish.

  • alreadyfedup1

    Another guy is in Metro Hospital from a motorcycle accident over the same weekend. The doctor said not wearing a the helmet saved his life. He only has a broken neck and broken wrist. The helmet would have snapped his neck and killed him. He is alive and in a neck brace.