November 26, 2014


Clearview Schools students to get free breakfast, lunch

SHEFFIELD TWP. — All Clearview Schools students will receive free breakfasts and lunches when classes resume next week.

Board of Education members approved the expansion at their Monday meeting. The change is due to Clearview being classified a “low income” school district, according to Darlene Baker, food service supervisor.

About 71 percent of students received free or reduced lunches in the last school year, Baker said. About 39 percent of Clearview’s approximately 1,750 students were classified as “economically disadvantaged.”

Officials attributed the poverty rate to high open enrollment. At 33 percent, Clearview had the second-highest percentage of openly enrolled students in Ohio in the last school year, meaning they lived outside the four-square-mile district.

In a news release on Clearview’s website, Baker wrote that increased student participation in the school meals program run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture means more federal reimbursement money. That allows the district to buy more nutritious food and secures financial stability for the local meal program. Superintendent Jerome Davis said after the meeting that many school districts would like to offer free meals to all students but aren’t able to.

“Fortunately, we were able to do that this year,” he said. “It will have a very positive impact for not only our students, but our parents as well.”

In other business

Board members approved a new teachers’ union contract for the 104-member Clearview Education Association. A copy of the contract was unavailable Monday, but Davis said “step increases” — incremental raises based on academic qualifications and seniority — are reduced in the two-year pact.

The contract includes half-step increases per year, down from full steps per year in the previous contract. The contract contains no overall wage increases. The previous three-year contract contained a 1.75 percent raise in the first year and 2.25 percent increases in the second and third years.

Joel Gleason, association president, didn’t return calls Monday, but in January he accused Davis and Treasuer Sean Nuccio of communicating poorly with the union. However, Davis said contract negotiations, which he said took place over a six-day period in June, were cordial. “It wasn’t an us-versus-them type thing,” he said.

Board members approved the hiring of Vicky Timko as Durling Middle School assistant principal. Timko had worked for Lorain Schools since 1993, most recently as an academic instructor at Helen Steiner Rice Academy.

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  • tickmeoff

    This makes school even more appealing, getting fed everyday should increase the attendance rate, and improve school academics, ensuring Clearview’s ability to attract outside students. Great for the kids, I remember pocketing my lunch money, and going hungry so I could buy something I really wanted. Who would have ever thought having children out of wedlock would be such a great deal economically. Section 8 for housing, HEAP for utility bills, EBT card for food, free day care for parents going to school or working low income jobs. Boy did I miss the boat, I have worked my entire life, and felt guilty if I was unemployed. Paid my child support and lived on the edge. I guess being responsible is just not the in thing anymore.

  • Sis Delish

    It’s a Clear View of where education puts its priorities… Feed the stomach, starve the mind. Result: Obesity and Low Test Scores, Bravo!

  • stillsleepyeyes

    this is a smoke screen to steer you away from the contracts………………….

  • Harry

    I am all for feeding the kids…..if we now cut their EBT benefits in half. If we are giving you money for food for your family…then feed your family, so that the schools can go back to raising your out of wedlock children….this can’t last forever, it is economically impossible. Too many taking from the kitty and not enough putting in. Pity the fools when it does stop…they can’t take of themselves. What a sad state of affairs in the good old USA. Thank you President Welfare.

  • Tracy Diedrick

    Wow. This is about feeding kids. 71% were already getting free or reduced lunch. Do you know you can work full-time at minimum wage and still qualify for assistance? The only jobs available in the area are temp jobs and fast food. Our real fight is poverty and the need of good paying jobs that pay a living wage.

    • stillsleepyeyes

      And your politicians are doing what????????????????……… good off the tax payers is all I see………..double dipping…………..

      • SniperFire

        Double dipping is just a slap in the face to the taxpayer. It really should be outlawed, but the unions protect the practice and sneer at the public.

        • stillsleepyeyes

          Why yes, that’s how the unions get paid………….

        • Pablo Jones

          If they want to allow double dipping then let them. It is their pension fund that is being depleted not tax payer dollars.

    • SniperFire

      The definition of insanity is to keep doing things the same way and expect different results. From an article on Bretbart:

      ‘U.S. WAGES DOWN 23% SINCE 2008′

      “Under a similar analysis conducted by the Conference of Mayors during the 2001-2002 recession, the wage gap was only 12% compared to the current 23%–meaning the wage gap has nearly doubled from one recession to the next,” stated the Conference of Mayors in a statement.

      President Barack Obama, who is on a two-week vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, has yet to comment on the dour economic findings.’

  • Otter

    So now instead of feeding 71% we get to feed 100% of the students with all that “free” money. How about tying free meals in with academic performance…and parental involvement? Teach them how to work for something, instead of how to get even more “free” assistance? (yea, I know, how dumb of me)

  • Joe Smith


  • JoyceEarly

    It really is sad that another program is in place when one already exists to feed poor children. It’s called food stamps; why would these kids need food stamps and free lunches and breakfasts? What are the parents doing with their food stamps? We have to choose between having freedom or getting free stuff, we can’t have both. Every meal that’s free means some working person was forced to pay for someone else by theft. It’s not OK to take from someone who works and give it someone who doesn’t. It’s time to shut down the food stamp program; it obviously isn’t working if kids need their meals at school as well. The system in out of control. Free lunches aren’t free; taxpayers are paying for them.

  • pat2009

    The comments on this board are beyond disgusting.

    We are talking about feeding children in a poor school district.

    If a child is hungry, they are not in a position to learn. Furthermore, it is immoral to have hungry children in the nation’s wealthiest nation, regardless of the parents.

    • SniperFire

      All the freeloaders say that. You can be as immoral and unaccountable as you want and expect others to pay the price is coming to an end in America.

    • Sis Delish

      “the nation’s wealthiest nation”??

      Were you hungry at school, by chance?

    • Joe Smith

      A kid whose parents who make 100 grand will get free meals on the taxpayers dime also, why not limit it to the kids who already have proven a low income prior if they have to do this at all?
      This also teaches the students to depend on the gov for handouts, I say they and the parents should volunteer some time after school to do some work to help cut costs or earn extra money for the school to buy supplies or computers etc. to earn these meals.
      This would teach them a valuable lesson and give them some pride in themselves.

      I bet only 3 out of 10 would do so.

      • Reagan

        If any of the parents are making 100 grand they are the taxpayer. So look at it as a rebate on their tax dollar.

        • Joe Smith

          But they are also getting a rebate on OUR tax dollars.
          Welfare should be for those that need it.

    • Otter

      I’m not against children being fed, I am against another hand out, especially one that includes children who don’t need it. Why would it be so horrible to teach the children that they need to work, instead of teaching them how to get “free” everything.

    • Pablo Jones

      No where did it say the kids were starving or missing meals. Of all people in poverty most have said they have never went hungry due to lack of money. They would still be able to eat.