November 27, 2014

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Teenager severely beaten while leaving Corn Festival

NORTH RIDGEVILLE — Police are investigating a weekend attack of a local teen that left him with injuries serious enough he may require plastic surgery, according to his father.

The incident occurred shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday as a 16-year-old walked home along Center Ridge Road from the city’s Corn Festival, according to his father, John Vincenzo.

As the teen reached the intersection with Ridge Plaza, a gold-colored car containing five teens pulled up, according to Vincenzo. Three of them got out of the vehicle and asked his son for a cell phone memory card, he told police.

The boy, who is a junior at Elyria Catholic High School, told his father that he was then punched and knocked to the ground, where he was repeatedly kicked in the head.

His father would not name his son, and police also declined, citing the boy’s age.

“One kid said he’d had enough, but the others kept going,” Vincenzo said of the attack.

Police Capt. Marti Garrow said the incident is under investigation, but no arrests had yet been made as of Monday.

“They’re working on it, but we haven’t developed any suspects as of yet,” Garrow said.

The three suspects made off with the teen’s cell phone and $12, and they also took his clothes and shoes, leaving him in his underwear and socks, according to Vincenzo.

The boy walked to a Center Ridge Road gas station, where he initially had trouble getting anyone to help him.

“Some people who came by in a car screamed at him to put some clothes on, and when he went into the gas station, they told him to get out of there,” Vincenzo said. “Another couple said, ‘This kid’s been assaulted’ and gave him a shirt.”

His son borrowed a phone and called his father. Vincenzo and police arrived at the gas station within minutes of each other.

The teen was taken to St. John Medical Center for evaluation. On Monday, he underwent further tests and exams at the
Cleveland Clinic facility at Oak Point Road in Amherst for what Vincenzo said was a broken orbital bone beneath his son’s right eye.

Doctors are trying to determine whether he’ll need plastic surgery, Vincenzo said.

Vincenzo said his son, who plays baseball at EC, is faring pretty well considering the ordeal.

“It could have turned out a lot worse,” Vincenzo said. “It wasn’t until this morning that I actually cried about it.”

A youth football program coach in North Ridgeville, Vincenzo has also coached at Holy Trinity School in Avon, and for an inner-city youth football program in Lorain that was linked to former Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Cribbs.

Garrow said police had heard about a possible earlier incident involving a couple confronted by a youth who fit a description given by Vincenzo of one of his son’s attackers as a male wearing a red baseball hat, and having a goatee and braided hair.

“We had heard a rumor about an earlier attack, but that might have happened in Elyria,” Garrow said. “We heard some basic information but hadn’t been able to confirm that.”

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  • Fred Garvin

    Looks like N.R. has a pack of hyenas on the loose.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Where’s Barry Accorti when you need him?

    • Creepy Gun Toting Cracker

      Shooting some baby animals?

  • me101

    How sad no one would help. The gas station could have called the police, even if they thought he was on something. I’ll never stop there again. It takes a village to raise a child!

    • mdr12372

      I totally agree. disgusting and disheartening.

  • Otter

    All for $12.00 and a cell phone. senseless act of violence, by a group of senseless bullies. For those who saw him and didn’t offer help, you are no better than the losers who beat him up.

    • silkskin1960


  • LEE

    This wasn’t the only incident Saturday. There was a huge fight on the hill around 1 or 2ish at the park. No police were around and when they were alerted they didn’t care. I identified the teens involved AND they stayed at the festival. This probably wasn’t related but I am disappointed in the police’s reaction to the fight I witnessed then the shock (as if there wasn’t violent incident earlier) to this one.

    • Spec440

      I was at pavilion by the hill then. I saw two maybe 12 or 13 year old boys pushing each other with a crowd around. Some guy came over and told them to knock it off and they all went on their way. Was there a huge fight somewhere that I missed?

      • LEE

        Yes you must have missed it because there were tons of teen boys and girls gathering to watch it and they were definitely older than 12 or 13. I was on the hill with my child when I noticed this and immediately took her away from the scene to get police because there were tons small kids around. If there was another incident involving 12 or 13 year old boys, why should some random festival go-ers have to stop a fight? Where were the police?!

  • Scunnered

    This is tragic. Please find the men who did this!

  • oldruss

    Ridgeville is sounding a lot like Cleveland, where a shooting is common place during East Side community picnics, , etc.

  • Peter Aldrich

    Punks….throw away the key

  • Spec440

    Hmmm…..this doesn’t smell random to me. I’d like to know what was on that memory card. I’ve never heard of a random robbery where they demand a sim card. Not saying the kid deserved it, just that there is more to this story. Either way, I hope they’re caught and the kid’s ok.

    • farinoh

      Well Spec, it was random. The pieces of garbage were just looking for someone who was alone and that kid was. It could have been a little old lady or a young teen girl just minding their own business and these COWARDS just happened upon this kid first. I hope that the police follow this hate crime to its fullest extent!

    • eyebeam

      You’re a moron. They were just asking a question to distract him.

      • Spec440

        Oh. That makes perfect sense to me then, because asking about a cell phone sim card is a pretty normal question. Thanks. BTW, what were they distracting him from? Were they hoping he wouldn’t notice them beating him up?

        • farinoh

          What are you implying? He had this coming? I personally know him. So before you start trying to discredit him through your own prejudices, get the facts.

    • Joe Smith

      Memory card and sim card = two different things, but yea, it was a odd thing to ask for.

  • Adam

    I’ve gone to the corn fest 6 years in a row now with groups of my friends and I can tell you that every year I have gone, there have been at least one fight that occurs. I honestly do not get why fights are always taking place during this festival. I am friends with the kid that was jumped and what he went through is just insane. I’ve seen what he looks like and it’s awful. Every year this city gets worse.

  • Willie Mahaffey

    Wow. Let’s find out what gas station this was. I suggest never buying gas there again !!!

  • Willie Mahaffey

    @Fred ..I’m sure this group of kids that did this, aren’t from ridgeville. The corn fest draws many people from outside our city.

    • mdr12372

      another article said they suspect the thugs are from Lorain.

  • SpaceTech

    I love my CCW!

  • therest_ofthestory

    And these punks always travel in packs because they’re cowards. This is getting out of hand!

  • Kim

    What chicken s@it thugs ganging up on a kid like that!
    Hope they get whats coming to them!

  • Kombat

    Let’s ask the dad why his underage child was out alone after curfew.

    • Otter

      He wasn’t out after curfew….it’s midnight for 16, and 17.

    • Kombat

      I’ve learned that curfew for 16 in NR is midnight, not 11pm like I thought. But still, I don’t think I’d ever let my kids walk home ALONE that late at night, no matter their age. Get a ride home or call me and I’ll pick you up. Otherwise, you don’t go. I live in NR and never worry, but the Corn Fest attracts all kinds of bad elements from surrounding areas. I’ve gone to it once and never again.

      • oldruss

        Is it time to discontinue the Corn Fest? If it’s attracting all kinds of bad elements from surrounding areas, it has ceased to be a fun, family, community event.

        • Joe Smith

          While a few people had issues, a 1000 didn’t have an issue, we can’t keep running away from thugs every time a problem arises.

    • Carolyn Ferner

      Kombat…you are an idiot!! His age has nothing to do with it…if you don’t think it could have happened to an 18, 19 or 20 year old then you sir are living in a fantasy world. Ask the dads of the thugs that did this why their kids were raised so poorly? So what age would you let your kids walk home alone…25? 30? 35? It can (and does) happen at all ages.

      • Kombat

        Wrong. Getting attacked while alone late at night only happens to people who walk alone late at night.

        Part of my job as a parent is to keep my kids as safe as I can until they are at least 18, and not letting them walk alone at night is a risk I’m not willing to let them take. That’s all I’m saying. It doesn’t mean I’m blaming the kid or his parents, just don’t put yourself or them at unnecessary risk.

        I admitted I was wrong about the curfew, but really that’s irrelevant. I will never allow my kids to be alone anywhere late at night as long as they are under my watch. If that makes me “an idiot”, then I guess I’m an idiot. I wouldn’t send my kid to Giant Eagle alone at 11pm, let alone let him walk home from somewhere. It’s not worth the risk. And it’s not just thugs you have to worry about. Pedestrians are hard to see in the dark. The risk of getting hit by a car goes up drastically at night.

  • ekwaykway

    He walked into a gas station with his face bashed in and nobody helps him? This world has really gone to pot. Hope they catch the punks who beat him.

  • oldruss

    Why did the Chronicle-Telegram not publish whatever descriptions the police have of the perpetrators who did this? Were they white or black or Latino? Were they young, like the victim, or older? Were they tall or short, thin or heavy set? What were they wearing? Typical urban-teen clothes, or “country” with pointed-toed cowboy boots? Was there anything distinctive about their speech? Southern drawl? Urban slang? Surely there is something that could be published that might narrow down the universe of suspects. Guys riding around in a gold-colored car can’t hide forever.

  • Frederich Handle

    Disgusting. What does this story tell you? The guys in the gold car are a bunch of wimps – that they had to get their jollies off by beating up one person????! Seriously? and then, the perverts left the kid with no clothes? Seriously? these perverts need to be found and their pictures slashed all over the news. This is just awful. I hope the innocent victim heals ok. He did not deserve this kind of treatment, no one does. As for the gas station that ordered him out? Which gas station is this? Publish that information and I will NEVER EVER STOP THERE AGAIN. As for the kind folks that were smart enough to realize he had been brutalized, thank you so much for stepping in! God bless you and the innocent victims in this case. Catch those wimpy perverts who did this and publish the name of the gas station. I hope the gas station loses all kinds of business.