October 21, 2014


Identity of SUV driver in Lorain crash released

LORAIN — The name of the woman injured in a crash at the intersection of Kansas Avenue and E Street around 4:30 p.m. Saturday was released by police Tuesday.

Mary Lewis, 72, of the 700 block of Grantwood Avenue in Sheffield Lake, was in fair condition at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, according to a Metro spokesman.

Lewis was driving a Kia Sportage that collided with a motorcycle ridden by Scot Donohue, 45, of the 2100 block of Garfield Avenue in Lorain. Donohue was in serious condition.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Donohue’s driving record includes convictions for drunken driving, speeding, failure to control and driving an unsafe vehicle. Lewis’ record includes an improper left turn conviction.

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    Why does this newspaper keep mentioning Donohue’s past driving record?

    • B4CE

      Because it shows that he has had a past of bad bad judgement. It’s factual. If it wasn’t true, then you would. Have an argument , but since it’s a matter of record, you should have no problem with it

      • Larry Crnobrnja

        Are you suggesting there is evidence his past bad judgments affected this accident? You do realize that intersection is a two-way stop and that Donohue had the right of way?

        I wonder if Mary ever had a ticket…

        • stillsleepyeyes

          she had a improper left turn conviction………………

        • MrRespect

          She had an improper left turn conviction. Didn’t you read the article?

          • Larry Crnobrnja

            That comment wasn’t in the article originally. Thanks for pointing it out to me though.

        • B4CE

          Are you saying the article isn’t factual?

          • Larry Crnobrnja

            I’m saying that I’m not certain those facts are pertinent to this accident.

          • Steven

            No, I do’t think he was. The original article yesterday blasted Donohue, yet her name and drivng record was not mentioned. The article was updated to list both.

            Past facts are past facts. Problem is,and it may be in the eye of the beholder, but the article seemed to find Donohue guilty, while never mentioning that SHE had a stop sign. That was conventiently left out. They could pull up his driving record but not research if a stop sign was at the scene??

            BTW, this is typical with motorcycle crashes. A study was conducted and found there is a bias against motorcyclists (I ride) when it comes to being put in news print. A lot of articles will say “the car” crashed for a car incident, yet say “the motorcyclist” crashed when a motorcycle is involved. One blames a vehicle, the other the rider (operator) of the motorcycle.

      • jeff81

        What’s factual, is that SHE ran a stop sigh and hit HIM…
        It has nothing to do with whether he has a spotless driving record or a poor driving record…

        • B4CE

          Hmm, says the accident is under investigation, where are you getting your “facts “from?

          • Joe Smith

            The road she was on had a stop sign, his didn’t. If she hit him at the intersection she either ran the stop sign or pulled out in front of him.
            Her fault unless he was driving 100MPH or something

          • B4CE

            While your opinion of the happenings that lead to the accident are founded in logic, I’ll wait for the Police to establish the facts.

          • Joe Smith

            A neat way to look for yourself is to Google the intersection and the map will pop up, it gives you the option of a ground level view. It is pretty obvious what happened unless again if he was going at a very high rate of speed or something.
            I would be willing to make a bet with you. I say she is at fault for either running the sign or pulling out in front of him.
            If I win, you send $20 to a food shelter, if it happened any other way, I will send $40 to a food shelter.

          • B4CE

            I would be willing to wait for the Police to finish & publish their report. I learned the hard way as a young service member overseas with a family to support, not to gamble.

          • Theresa

            I got my “facts” from being at the accident scene when it happened…..where were you? Also, why did the Chronicle interview 2 people when there were probably 10-15 that saw the accident happen…..hmm

          • B4CE

            Thank you Jeff, I mean Theresa. To answer your questions, I believe that at 1630 sat evening I was at home enjoying a warm summer day. Again, I will wait for the police to publish their factual report.
            I can only assume, but I would guess that only two people were interviewed due to time constraints? It’d probably be better to ask the Editor, not me.

          • Theresa

            Thank you moron, I mean B4CE, my point is you were at home at 1630 NOT at the scene so don’t make a comment on something you don’t know about…..wait for the police report and when Im right you can come back and tell me I was right and you were wrong….by the way my name is Theresa not Jeff….as far as time restraints, maybe you should ask the someone at the Chronicle? Don’t you work there?

    • John Davidson

      Because this is not a newspaper any more. It just wants to dig up anything it can to hurt people and their reputation. Unless you are a politician of the D party.

      • Bill

        The Comical Telegram has never been a “news”paper, it’s a red rag and always has been.

  • Blossom Walker

    I can’t understand what Donohue’s past driving record has to do with this particular accident. Why was it printed in the paper at all. Unless it has been determined that he was at fault and/or his was impaired in some way. I don’t see the point.

    • tickmeoff

      I couldn’t agree more, this article should have stuck to the” here and now”.
      Revealing his record makes him look guilty! Who is kidding whom? And one sided in that the original article never mentioned her driving record.

  • Thomas Christopher

    Lets let the police do their job before passing judgment on either one. No use arguing about this unfortunate situation. I am hoping both parties involved recover from their injuries quickly.

    • EdwardsJ33


  • rlm_Lorain

    Mentioning his past driving record when he was not at fault in this accident is tantamount to bringing up a rape victim’s past sexual experiences at trial to try and discredit her/him; it’s not allowed. One thing has nothing to do with the other. I’ve never before seen a crash victim’s past record brought up when they were not at fault. Sensationalism at it’s worst. Praying that all involved have full and speedy recoveries.

  • EdwardsJ33

    The crash is still under investigation, but these are the facts as I KNOW them: Mr Donohue was not speeding as determined by the LPD by the skid mark left by his bike; Donohue was not impaired; Donohue had the right of way. With that stated, thoughts and prayers for all involved!