June 24, 2016


Local actress recalls ‘Mork & Mindy’ stint with Robin Williams

Crissy Wilzak

Crissy Wilzak

Actress Christine Wilzak, 65, of Elyria, was stunned by the news of Robin Williams’ death. Known professionally as Crissy Wilzak, she performed in the original company of “A Chorus Line” on Broadway in 1975 and joined the cast of “Mork & Mindy” in 1980 during its third season, in the supporting role of Glenda Faye Comstock, Mindy’s good friend.

“I cannot believe it,” she said in a telephone interview. “He was such a wonderful person. A happy person. I know he had his demons, but he overcame them and he had so much to live for. Everybody loved him. I just can’t believe it.”

A graduate of Elyria Catholic High School who went on to study at Kent State University, Wilzak returned to Elyria 17 years ago. She said that although she was no longer in touch with Williams, he was the kind of person who “would be just like you saw him the day before.”

She fondly recalled how when she would speak to Williams one-on-one, “he was a normal, sweet, down-to-earth, regular guy.”

But as soon as there were one or two people in front of him, “he would go into a routine.”