November 28, 2014


Man accused of attempting to extort money from ex-girlfriend


Shannon Page

LORAIN — In an attempt to pay for his damaged teeth, a man tried to extort money from his ex-girlfriend Tuesday by threatening to send a sexually explicit video of the woman to various Amherst stores.

Shannon Page, 34, of the 2500 block of East 42nd Street in Lorain, was charged with extortion at about 8:45 p.m. Tuesday at his home in Lorain.

According to police, Page had been trying to extort money from his ex-girlfriend so he could pay to get his teeth fixed after he damaged them last year.

Page started by asking his ex-girlfriend for half of her income tax return. When she said no, Page sent her a text that read, “familiar with extortion?” before again asking her for the money Tuesday, according to a police report.

His ex-girlfriend ignored Page’s requests and calls until he sent her another text, telling her that he and his friends made about 50 copies of a video that showed Page and the ex-girlfriend having sex. The video was made consensually a few years ago, according to the report.

In the same text, Page threatened to send the video to various restaurants and bars around Amherst.

Officers went to Page’s house Tuesday evening to confront him with the texts. Page told officers that he and his ex-girlfriend had been talking but said he didn’t realize the threats were considered extortion, according to police.

Police wrote in the report, “this is difficult to believe, however since (Page) used that very word to describe what he was about to do.”

Page was taken to Lorain City Jail, where he was being held on Wednesday.

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  • charla65

    He is as dumb as he looks

  • SpaceTech

    Dirt bags on parade…….boy they just keep a coming don’t they!

  • Joe Smith

    Gals, when are you going to learn to not video anything that you would not show the world?

    • Phil Blank

      If I were her, I’d be embarrassed to even be around him.

    • luvmytoaster

      Why is he not being chastised for showing something to the world that obviously should have remained private? It takes two to tango….and the term is extortion!

      • Joe Smith

        I thought the fact that he was arrested, ugly , had bad teeth and likely being charged with a felony was enough but “BAD BOY!” if that makes you feel better.

  • Otter

    Seriously, he did did not think this through.

  • ekwaykway

    What a lowlife scumbag, pay fer yer own dang teef!

  • DonMega

    Now he has to extort bond money.