November 27, 2014


Man who locked keys in his car says 2 men beat him





LORAIN — A man who said he locked his keys in his car in the parking lot of his apartment complex at 1031 Tower Blvd. said he was beaten by two men about 9:40 p.m. Sunday.

Michael Green said the men approached him in the complex between Oberlin and Washington avenues, according to police Officer Richard Shiltz’s report. Green said one asked for a cigarette, and Green said he would give him one after he opened his car door.

Green said one of the men then told him he had five minutes to leave. He said the men then repeatedly punched him in the face and head, knocking him down, and continued to punch and kick him while he was on the ground. Green said he was able to get inside his apartment and saw the men go into a nearby apartment.

Shiltz wrote that when the men were questioned by Officer Jeffrey Casselman, they denied beating Green. However, he said they were sweating profusely despite being in an air-conditioned apartment.

Green identified Allen Cavin and Demarcus Hitchins-Moore as his attackers.

Green, 28, was hospitalized at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain with bruises on his arms, face and knee. Theodore Borge, Green’s father, said the assault might have aggravated previous injuries his son suffered in a car wreck. Green has a plate in his head and had new teeth put in two weeks ago.

Cavin, 24, of the 1000 block of Infirmary Road in Elyria, and Hitchins-Moore, 25, of the 1900 block of East 31st Street in Lorain, each were charged with felonious assault. They were held in lieu of $10,000 bonds at the Lorain County Jail on Tuesday night.

Cavin is due in Lorain Municipal Court 1 p.m. Aug. 21. Hitchins-Moore is due in court at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Both men have violent criminal histories. Cavin’s record includes convictions for aggravated robbery, robbery and resisting arrest. Hitchins-Moore has previously been charged with felonious assault, complicity to aggravated robbery and aggravated riot. A disposition of Hitchins-Moore’s charges was unavailable Tuesday.

  • golfingirl

    Talk about dumb criminals…..rob and beat a man and then go into a nearby apartment in plain view of the victim.

    If nothing else, they should be removed from the streets for pure stupidity, not to mention their past criminal records.

    • Bill

      Yes, dumb. But maybe more so just very arrogant knowing that if they were turned into the police a judge is just going to put them back on the streets. Just look at their records. All they are doing is taking up valuable oxygen.

  • Joe Smith

    Lets see if someone shows up and says what fine upstanding people they are

    • golfingirl

      Or accusing me of racism since the criminals were black.

  • SniperFire

    Witness the collapse of civilization in Lorain / Elyria.

  • DonMega

    You can tell they love jail.