November 23, 2014


Highway Patrol to hold 2 OVI checkpoints in Elyria tonight

The Ohio Highway Patrol, in conjunction with the Elyria Police Department, will hold two OVI checkpoints tonight.

Both checkpoints will be held in Elyria from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. The locations will be on Lorain Boulevard at Foster Avenue, and on Cleveland Street near Harwood Street.

The checkpoints also will be held in conjunction with nearby saturation patrols to aggressively combat alcohol-related injury and fatal crashes.

The checkpoints, funded by federal grants, are planned to deter and intercept impaired drivers.

  • Crystal Nutter

    Why do they always need to tell the spots? Dont they know ppl will aoid the areas and take a diff route? i dont get it, if u want to get the bad guys who dont use their brain when drinking and driving then dont tell where u will catch them SMH

    • stop ur whining part deux

      By law you have to inform the public.

      • oldruss

        The Ohio Highway Patrol web site has a somewhat different take on what is required:

        “About a week before the checkpoint is conducted, public notice is given that the checkpoint will be established. At this stage of the public advisory process, it is only necessary to provide a general date, time, and location for the event. Although general, it has begun to focus on the problem area. A final advisory is issued by a checkpoint administrator a few hours before the site is established and the screening for alcohol or drug-impaired drivers begins. This advisory gives the exact location and tells when the checkpoint operation will begin and end.”

        • stop ur whining part deux

          All irrelevant. Still by law they must inform the public and due in fact inform the public. Not sure what your point is.

    • Seeker

      Its the Law , otherwise it would be entrapment . Actually it has been ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court , but its not being enforced. its ok for the police to pick and choose what laws they want to enforce. For once I wish the CT would find out how much this cost to put on the check points so we could calculate how much it costs to catch the offenders. My bet would be they would be more effective just doing regular patrols , but then many of the cops would not be sucking up the over time at the checkpoints.

      • No_Excuse_For_This

        Am I missing something? The article said the check points were funded by federal grants. How could they be illegal?

      • oldruss

        If OVI check points have been “ruled unconstitutional” by the Supreme Court, it’s doubtful that the Highway Patrol would be running them, or that they’d be receiving federal grants to do so. In any case, anyone ticketed at such an OVI check point, IF the check point was, in fact, “unconstitutional”, every court, local, state, and federal, would be under an obligation to dismiss the charges, as any proof of impairment would have been gained in violation of the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments.

      • stop ur whining part deux

        1990 the supreme court ruled that they are legal forms of drunk driving deterrent provided they follow a specific set of rules. Informing the public a week prior to the location, and duration. That includes an exact location in the hours leading up to the check point. Also the amount of random checks is based on traffic density and must be completely random in nature. Finally the site of the check point must have a lengthy history of alcohol related accidents or arrests.

      • Pablo Jones

        It is not entrapment. Entrapment would be the police encouraging the person to break law. For example the person has had a couple drinks and the cop say they are fine to drive home and as soon as they start driving that cop pulls them over and arrests them.

        They post it so they won’t be violating the 4th amendment. The legal logic goes. If we post what we will be doing, OVI checkpoint that involves stopping and checking people, then the people are informed and by driving into the checkpoint they are giving their consent to be stopped and searched. It doesn’t matter if they read or didn’t read the posting, once posted it is considered public knowledge.

    • Beentheredonethat

      I don’t think many of the people who drink and drive a lot read newspapers.

  • fun man

    Maybe it will rub off on the bad guy so they will tell the cops when and where they will be doing a crime smh too…

  • Cindi Frames

    If they really want to catch drunks while driving wait till Fri or Sat night…why a Thursday?

    • Seeker

      You don’t want them to actually have to work hard for the over time do you . There is a Heroin epidemic in this county and they want to play checkpoint.

  • Seeker

    This is also a very interesting facebook page

  • Bob Dobbs

    Take your federal grant money and use it for patrolling, not for acclimating people to being stopped and questioned. I will not go along quietly with a violation of my 4th amendment rights. The first person to say if you have nothing to hide or why wouldn’t you give up your rights to stop drunks from driving and killing people are morons. (they know where they come from, here is an idea setup the check point at the exit to the bars in town?!?!) This isn’t about getting drunks off the streets this is about pushing their authority right up to the line, and over if you will allow it, so much so that after a while you are used to it you don’t even notice it. Those that would give up liberty for security deserve neither!

    • Pablo Jones

      It is not a violation of your 4th amendment rights. The stop is publicly posted, if you drive into it you are giving your consent. If you don’t want to give consent to be stopped and searched don’t drive into it.

  • stargazer2012

    Law enforcement must notify the public of these checkpoints because to do so otherwise would be considered ‘entrapment’ if an arrest for a DUI would occur. Stupid law? Yes! Voice your opinion to the far left, liberal money hungry attorneys who wrote this ‘law’ and got it passed. These attorneys are the ones to blame. Law enforcement is only acting within the boundaries that they have been given.

    • Bob Dobbs

      blah blah blah, liberal/conservative divisive bull ish, blah blah blah hate lawyers (valid point) blah blah blah LEO apologist bull ish

    • Pablo Jones

      It is not entrapment.

  • SniperFire

    ‘The checkpoints, funded by federal grants’

    This is absurd on several levels, not the least of which is a $17 trillion National debt.

  • fun man

    Seems to me they have more of these in Elyria than any other city why is that ???

    • BlackJack


    • Pablo Jones

      More drunk drivers?

  • GreatRedeemer

    Until, they also provide a onsite prosecutor, judge and nurse for a no refusal blood test, these checkpoints are more effective in providing police departments overtime than combating DUI.

  • The Chief

    Just heard several OSP on scanner calling out for 10 hours Over Time for the checkpoints

  • The Chief

    How smart is it to peve off your tax base when you are trying to pass a tax levy with all of the OVER policing of Elyria. Its becoming like a Police State in Elyria

  • Otter

    Seems there is some paranoia going on here….

  • jerry

    I live close to Foster and Lorain Blvd, traffic in my neighborhood was at most a standstill

  • bigmacky

    best part – people will still roll through these areas with either warrants, no license or impaired – gotta love the Darwin Awards

  • todd

    More wasted money. Governments burn it as fast as I can pay it.
    What were the results of this 10′s of thousand dollar operation. Couple of arrested. Probably for old warrants you let them go for free on in the first place.