November 28, 2014

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OVI checkpoints honor victim of drunken driving

ELYRIA — Two OVI checkpoints Thursday night honored the victim of a drunken driving crash by aiming to prevent more tragedies.

Lorain resident Terri Martin was 52 when she was killed March 2, 2012, in a crash caused by an impaired driver, according to a release from the Lorain County Safe Community Coalition.

Law enforcement officers across the country are cracking down on impaired driving during the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over enforcement period, which runs through Sept. 1.

In 2013, 81 percent of fatal crashes involved a driver impaired by alcohol or drug use, an increase of 27 percent compared with 2012.

“Impaired driving kills, and it takes life from all involved,” said Olen Martin, Terri’s husband. “Terri was a wife, mother and nurse who loved boating and being on or near the water.”

The Elyria Police Department and the Ohio Highway Patrol Elyria Post held two OVI checkpoints Thursday night to honor Terri Martin. Police stopped 500 cars during the checkpoints, and made one OVI arrest and seven drug arrests.

“Every driver stopped received a card with a snapshot of Terri’s life,” said Lt. Travis Hughes, Elyria post commander. “Honoring a life lost during a checkpoint keeps it real for everyone, including drivers, passengers and officers. We’re humbled that Terri’s family allowed us to share her story.”

“Everyone can do something to stop impaired driving,” said Capt. Phil Hammonds of the Elyria Police Department. “Designate a driver before going out, or take the keys from a friend who is drunk or drugged.”

  • Seeker

    8 arrests and it probably cost $50,000.00 to put on the check point. I heard several OSP calling in for 10 Hours Over Time for the check point .

    • stillsleepyeyes

      so each osp made 5k a hour …

    • Otter

      From what orifice did you pull that number?

  • Jean Vincent

    maybe if and when you should lose a loved one god forbid you would understand what they are trying to prevent

    • Joe Smith

      Freedom is not free

  • Bob Dobbs

    95.3% of the time statistics are misleading. First let me say that I have no sympathy for drunk drivers and it is terrible that any people were killed as a result of it. Having said that let me just interject a little perspective… so according to your own article from 12/31/13 speaking about 2013 deaths “This year a total of nine car crashes resulted in 11 deaths” for a grand total of aprox 8.8 impairment related deaths (article quotes 7) caused by drunk driving. Because of this you want to harass the entire community on a regular basis? This whole dog and pony show is about 3 things, cops taking federal grant money for overtime, getting revenue for the city through ticketing, and getting people used to being stopped and questioned. WAKE UP PEOPLE! enough already! I thought the war on terror hype and ramping up of police gestapo tactics was bad but damn… 7 people, you are going to harass a whole county randomly over the next year for the deaths of 7 people.

    • Otter

      Even more misleading are the people who only quote portions of articles, that support their argument. Did you bother to read the entire article…the year prior 26 accidents, 26 deaths, about 1/2 were due to impaired drivers.
      Honestly, “harass a whole county” exaggerate much?

  • Rufus

    Yes wake up people. May be the reason why your 8.8, 11 and 9 figures are so low is because the Leo’s are out there and have check points, because they have been cracking down on OVI, because the laws are more stringent than in the past. May be people are waking up to the fact that drunk driving kills.

    May be people will wake up and think before they get behind the wheel. Yea I know not that many killed by OVI here in 13 but what about all the previous years going back to the 70′s? I’ll wager it’s more for the most part.

    Now if it was one of your family or friends then you’d be bitching about not have enough check points and need more police because they are not doing enough and getting over paid for doing it. LOL

    To bad you guys can’t make money with your negative rhetoric you’d all be rich!! LOL

    • Bob Dobbs

      Yep and if our cars had breathalyzers, were made of nerf foam, limited to 2 mph, we all wore suits of bubble wrap and helmets no one would ever die.

      They started doing check points in 1989 so mankind and the United States survived quite a while without being stopped and questioned for no reason. From the statistics I have been able to find it looks like it goes in cycles of about 3-4 years between spikes. From what I’m seeing it wasn’t so bad back in the 70′s either (scroll to the bottom) The link is just for the city of Lorain

      You’re probably right about bitching if my family was killed, that’s why we have OVI laws. MADD pushed for them because they had people who were killed by impaired drivers. (insert squeaky wheel reference) Politicians loved it and the rest of the country was forced to be responsible while driving (not that its a bad thing). Like everything else our country had to take it to an extreme and now your grandma can get a dui for having a glass of wine with dinner. Its not about saving lives its about looking good in the press and making money.

      I don’t have a problem with patrols and OVI/DUI laws. I have a problem with checkpoints. This isn’t Bagdad, I should not have to deal with being stopped and questioned going to and coming from getting a gallon of milk. If I’m swerving etc then pull me over, you don’t need to stop me, that is a violation of my rights as far as I’m concerned. If you like getting questioned then by all means enjoy!

      If I could make money off of the stupidity of others I would be rich

    • Joe Smith

      Lower deaths could also be from safer cars with airbags and other safety equipment standard in all cars now

  • Joe Smith

    “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over”
    You are getting pulled over even if sober and zero probable cause too.