October 25, 2014

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Two former Elyria High athletes face burglary charges

Jumarr Lewis

Jumarr Lewis

Ronnie Smith

Ronnie Smith

ELYRIA — Two former Elyria High School athletes — including a former football letterman — were charged with burglary Thursday morning after police found them walking near Ohio Street with stolen items.

Jumarr Lewis and Ronnie Smith, both 19, were charged with burglary about 7 a.m. Thursday at the intersection of Hamilton Street and Gulf Road.

Officers responded to the area after a call from a resident about two suspicious men walking down the street.

When they arrived, police found Smith and Lewis carrying items that had been stolen from a house on Ohio Street earlier that morning, said Lt. William Pelko. Police believe the two men broke into the house by pushing a window air conditioner out of the way. There was no one inside the house at the time of the burglary, and the two left after stealing items from inside, Pelko said.

Lewis and Smith were seniors at Elyria High School last year. Smith played on the basketball team, while Lewis played football as a running back.

Lewis and Smith were taken to Lorain County Jail where they were held without bond Thursday evening. Their next court appearance is scheduled for 9 a.m. today in Elyria Municipal Court.

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  • Seeker

    If Elyria only had a new stadium this would of never happened.

    • B4CE

      Interesting, all these comments on the two former black athletes charged with burglary. But not a single on on the Cardiologist that stole 7.2 million.
      Strange how the posters gravitate to some stories and completely ignore other more grievance crimes.
      This perplexes me, any one with an idea why this might be?

      • Sis Delish

        Oh, great statistic guru, please tell us.

        Which has a greater chance of happening to the John and Jane Q. Public in Elyria:

        Being the victim of a crime, or having a Stent put in when it isn’t needed?

        Please enlighten those of us who are nowhere near as incandescently bright as yourself.

      • oldruss

        The cardiologist is a Westlake practitioner, which is out of county for us who live here in Lorain County. That is not the case of the two ELYRIA high school graduates who have engaged in criminal activity here in Lorain County. Don’t try and make a mountain out of a mole hill, especially when the mole hill isn’t there in the first place.

        • B4CE

          I disagree, 7 million is quite a mole hill . I would like to legally earn 7 million dollars.
          And using your theory on no comments due to the fact of it not being local news, rather in the next county over, there would be no comments on the happening in Missouri.
          Your words ring hollow

          • oldruss

            Ferguson, Missouri has become a “cause de jour” with the Attorney General making a photo-op stop, etc. As between a Westlake story and an Elyria story, the Elyria story is more local, and more likely to get comments. But, frankly, I’m not sure what your point is?

      • Otter

        And yet there were more comments about “pink cookies”, and “adult themed” books, guess you didn’t see those. I noticed you didn’t comment on the cardiologist story, but you did here This perplexes me, any idea on why this might be? I have one, but you should be advised, if you stir the pot, you get to lick the spoon.

        • B4CE

          Sure, if no one is reading about a 7 million dollar theft, why would I post my thoughts on linking the two polar opposite reactions to two opposite ends of the spectrum of theft under the article that no one is reading?
          That sir, is not very difficult to figure out.

          • Otter

            I was not referring to linking the two, I simply pointed out you had nothing to say regarding the the Dr.

          • B4CE

            I had something to say about the Dr, I did it under this headline. My comment about was that no one seemed to care that a Dr stole 7 million dollars, but everyone is up in arms about two ex athletes that stole some electronics

          • Otter

            Excuse me, you had nothing to say in the comments section of the Dr.s story. So perhaps, you were one of the people who doesn’t care.

          • B4CE

            No excuse for you this time. We covered this. Why would I post my comment comparing the two stories under the headline that NO ONE is reading?
            I thought we covered this already?

          • Otter

            No excuse for me?, you don’t seem to be able to comprehend a simple statement, so I will attempt to make it simpler. Did you care enough to make any comment on the actual story written about the Dr.? No. I was not, for the second time, referring to the comment you made here, or the fact that you linked them together here, (I understand why you did that) I will ask again, did you care enough to comment on the actual story about the Dr., or are you one of the people who gravitates to certain stories your self?

      • Pablo Jones

        There were several comments on the white guy that stabbed his parents.

      • John Demirjian

        It is labeled “racism”, moron.

  • Sis Delish

    How will Eric Holder land his 757 at Lorain County Regional Airport to deal with the situation?

  • stop ur whining part deux


  • Peter Aldrich

    Can’t help but think of a quote from Forrest Gump…..and it’s not “Life is like a box of chocolates…………”

  • Chan

    Not sure why the mention of them being former athletes?

    • jz

      Because they were former athletes.

      • Lisa


  • franksnbeans

    Maybe we should riot this injustice?

  • pat2009

    The comparisons to Michael Brown embedded in this conversation are troubling. The killing of an unarmed teenager and arrest of two burglary suspects are clearly not the same thing.

    • Seeker

      The black Cop , referred to as “Other than White” that killed a unarmed WHITE man in Salt Lake Cite never once made the news , I wonder why that is ? I wonder why there was no looting and rioting there ?


    • Sis Delish

      Oh, but it is. These two were just walking down the way when a Policeman stopped them.

      Both stories revolved around two young black boys/men stealing something.

      Only difference, the Elyria boys listened to the voice of authority–the Missouri Gentle Giant did not.

  • Stan K

    They must have just made their parents so proud! What wonderful ,educated young gentlemen EHS has produced!

  • fun man

    Elyria does produce great thugs lol that’s why my kid is home schooled…

  • David

    If u go in someone’s house without permission and walkout with thing u go to jail bottom line if u steal u go to jail bottom line I just hate when people try make a race thing me against u thing quit being such fools if u do the crime do the Time who cares who comments on what we all already know the doctor is going to jail but he’s not coming into our space and robbing us blind he did it other ways and deserves to go to jail as for these two some one might have actually shot them then would u say that’s racist oh probably not if it was your so I say if u are trying to make things something they aren’t shut up! Bottom line!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scout

      Please try to use proper sentence structure so that people can understand what you are saying. You may have a point but it is taking to long to decipher what you have posted so I didn’t finish readng your post.

      • Lisa

        Agree! My head is still spinning!

        • Lisa

          “Run on”, (and on and on…)

  • John Demirjian

    Two of our finest oxygen thieves caught in the act of being black.