November 29, 2014


Homeowner faces drug charge after break-in

ELYRIA — A home break-in and a quick capture of the suspects led police to another investigation Thursday when they found a marijuana-growing operation inside the home that was broken into.

Corey Phillips, 35, was charged with drug paraphernalia possession Monday after police said they found marijuana inside his home on the 400 block of Ohio Street.

Officers initially responded to the house about 7 a.m. Thursday after a neighbor saw two men, who police later identified as Jumarr Lewis, 19, and Ronnie Smith, 19, climbing over a fence to Phillips’ home.

The neighbor told police they went into Phillips’ shed with backpacks and left before returning to the house a short time later.

Police found Smith and Lewis — both former athletes at Elyria High School — walking around the intersection of Hamilton Street and Gulf Road after the break-in.

Smith admitted to breaking into and stealing from the home because they knew a drug dealer lived inside, according to a court document. Officer searched their backpacks where they found 550 grams of marijuana, an Xbox 360 and a bag of AK-47 rounds, police said.

When police went back to the home, which was unoccupied at the time of the break-in, they found enough evidence to launch an investigation into the alleged drug activity of its resident, they said.

Through an open window, police could see six to seven marijuana plants, lamps, a ventilation system and chemicals, which officers believed were part of a marijuana-growing operation, according to police.

Smith and Lewis were charged with burglary and taken to Lorain County Jail on Thursday.

They are scheduled to appear 2 p.m. Thursday in Elyria Municipal Court.

Phillips was charged with the marijuana possession Monday.

Police are requesting a warrant to take DNA samples from both Smith and Lewis to compare them to DNA found inside Phillips’ home after the break-in.

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  • Scout

    Kudos to the neighbor for being alert in their neighborhood.

  • tickmeoff

    The neighbor caused more harm than good. Marijuana is no worse than the legal drug Alcohol. And there is nothing like under the table money. Try surviving on the wages of today, after taxes and Insurance. Now he will have to hustle painting a few rooms on the side or cleaning up a yard. He would have been better off, if the neighbor hadn’t called at all ! Apparently he sold to the wrong people. Some sales are just not worth it in the long run !

    • Seeker

      Obviously he had to brag how cool it was to be growing weed , otherwise he would of not been robbed.
      if you want NO ONE to know , Then Tell NO ONE …
      One golden rule that should not of been broken.

      • tommyp

        How can u sell Weed without no one ever knowing?

        • Seeker

          knowing that you are growing it yourself !

    • HankKwah

      Marijuana is no worse than the legal drug Alcohol.

      It’s illegal in this state. Period.

      Having issues surviving on the wages of today? Thank your government at every level. Realize that you made poor choices earlier in life. Understand that your work record must’ve been less than stellar. It’s not always everyone else’s fault.

      • Bob Dobbs

        Yes things that are illegal are bad, because we are told they are bad. Period. Don’t think for yourself or question anything… ever! Do what your told and like it! Good thing alcohol was never illegal, heck even if it was no one would drink it because it would be illegal period.

        Blame the government like I’m blaming you for being poor… because Obama! You’re poor because you deserve it, now you should just die quietly without disturbing your good Christian neighbors… because Jesus! It’s not our fault, we can’t help you. I am too busy being just comfortable enough to allow the government to become corrupt. Now when it screws someone I can blame them and it for all the worlds problems. (shakes liver spotted hand at the kids on his lawn)

        • 2Cents

          I think most everyone here is smart enough to know why things are illegal — that includes driving while drunk!

        • HankKwah

          Didn’t say anything about it being bad, did I? I said it was “illegal”. Want to make it legal? Build your case, collect your signatures, get it to a vote. I’ve seen a LOT of cases where medical marijuana has helped some very severe medical problems. Epilepsy, cerebral palsy, etc.

          As far as making it legal for Joe Schmo? Right now Joe Schmo can’t stay off his cell phone to pay attention to the road while he’s driving. Can you imagine him being high, too?

      • tickmeoff

        Who the heck are you…The amazing Kreskin. You don’t know me or my work record ! I blamed nobody, are you sure you are not commenting on something else. You’re weird!

        • HankKwah

          You’re the same tickmeoff that’s posted here since way back when. I’ve seen enough of your BS to know what you’re like. I nailed you and you know it.

          • tickmeoff

            OK Hankey Boy. You nailed me LMAO. And talking of BS, it takes one to know one !

          • HankKwah

            Ooooh, yea, you really got me on that one. Didn’t even see that coming. Wow. I got nothing.

            I must’ve hit a nerve, huh? :)

    • stillsleepyeyes

      Only if he was in a union…………………….

      • therest_ofthestory

        What does that have to do with anything?

    • Bill Love

      but they don’t have a marijuana growers union for that how is he suppose to make a living. you should help this guy find a union job to he can live and not have to drive a 20yr old car

    • Otter

      OMG, no more under the table money. He’s going to have to work, and they took his Xbox, and a bag of AK-47 rounds. Life just isn’t fair.

    • Scout

      Getting paid under the table so as not to pay taxes is also illegal. You can’t be serious! Selling something illegal is also illegal and until they legalize it he broke the law. Period!

  • todd

    As Paul Harvey would say…And now you know the rest of the story.

  • ekwaykway

    Jumarr Lewis…lotta kids I went to school with named Jumarr.