November 28, 2014


Elyria Schools receives national inquiries for pink cookies

A tray of pink cookies are seen at Elyria Schools. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

A tray of pink cookies are seen at Elyria Schools. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

ELYRIA — The now-infamous pink cookie is gone from Elyria school cafeterias, but cookie connoisseurs near and far do not want to see the treat disappear.

Since news hit that Elyria Schools had to let the cookie crumble under the pressure of new federal guidelines for school lunches and snacks, the district has been inundated with requests for the confection.

It’s not just Elyrians who want the treat.

“How can I order eight dozen of your infamous pink cookies for a party?” a woman named Blake Lee inquired through the district’s public Facebook page. “They look delicious and would be a conversation piece. I’m located in San Diego, CA.”

Amy Higgins, district spokeswoman, said the district has received at least 100 calls and emails from Illinois, Hawaii, Minnesota, New York, Montana and Canada from people who want to taste or have something to say about the district’s signature sour cream sugar cookie.

“The calls range from those wishing to order cookies to those wanting to modify the recipe to a more ‘healthful’ version in their home kitchens to those who think we should simply ignore the federal regulations and keep serving them,” Higgins said.

The cookie has reached the national spotlight.

“The pink cookie story received national media attention and was picked up by stations and news outlets from across the country, including national columns, programs like Todd Starnes of Fox News,” Higgins said. “The pink cookie was going to be one topic of conversation on Fox & Friends last Monday, but the segment was dismissed due to the earthquake in California.”

Scott Teaman, food services director with Sodexo Inc., the district’s contracted food provider, previously said there were no plans to modify the recipe — full of butter, sugar, Crisco vegetable shortening and sour cream — because doing so would disrupt the integrity of the cookie.

But with such interest, there is no telling whether that will hold true.

“Lots of people suggested reducing the size to subsequently reduce the calories,” Higgins said. “We continue to investigate our options for serving the cookie.”

In the meantime, the district is gearing up to take orders.

Higgins said the cookies are not available for purchase until after Labor Day as the Food Services Department doesn’t have all the ingredients on hand to make them. When baking begins, the district will take orders during the week and make the cookies available for Friday pickups.

District officials have yet to decide whether to ship orders outside the immediate area.

“We’ve had requests to ship the cookies to other states, but we are not yet sure how to do so,” Higgins said. “The cost to the buyer would have to include shipping with the price of the cookies if we were to do so.”

The cookies cost $8 a dozen.

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  • taxpayer89

    Shouldn’t they be worried about more important things than a stupid cookie? Since those kids ALL get free lunches they should just be grateful that they don’t have to pay. Typical. They get something free and want more more more.

    • reallyoldfarts

      I disagree. I think taking advantage of this unexpected opportunity is a great civics lesson! Federal government over-regulation has inadvertently caused great opportunity for the school district to start a new business! I hope they market this cookie very well and it becomes a permanent source of revenue for the district! The students can learn about entrepreneurship, government, food management, and production. I just hope some bureaucrat doesn’t pat himself on the back for such a stupid law.

    • Bill Love

      They are a elyria school tradition. Never should have been taken away frm the school in the 1st place

    • Manny

      What the hell do you mean they all get free lunch?

    • Scout

      They don’t all get free lunches…stop that.

    • Kevin

      All gets get free lunches? Ridiculous. There is so much paperwork and follow up required to receive free or reduced lunches. I know this because for a couple of months, I received a discounted lunch because my dd was out of work. But, as soon as he got his job back, it was back to paying full price.

  • Scout

    Well if that ain’t a kick in the pants? I think the district should start selling their cookies to all who order-that would raise some serious ‘dough’ for the schools. Laughing out loud!!!

  • Missie

    Last week when they announced it they were selling them for $5 a dozen. They also advertised the exact recipe and my daughter has made a batch here at home. All my kids attended elyria high and said they are the exact cookie. Very high in calorie but very very good! Super moist too.

  • Peter Aldrich

    They should sell them at the Apple Festival! They’d make a killing!

    • Scout

      Oh good idea!

  • Sis Delish

    The predominently Left Educational System benefitting from the Free Market and FoxNews… LOL

    You’d think they would be critical of the Fair & Balanced reporting. LOL

  • luvmytoaster

    I’m not sure if they’re the same but they look just like Links “pinks”, they were so delicious…..I would buy them if they were for sale.

    • Jennifer Hale Campana

      They still sell the Links “pinks” at the Convenient in North Ridgeville on Center Ridge, toward the Westlake border.

    • Pablo Jones

      I linked Links better.

  • devin cade

    Those are not the actual Links pink cookies! Links did not use a spreadable icing ,but one that the cookie was dipped in and it harden slightly plus the cookie was not a sugar cookie but a less sweeter tea/shortbread type so the over all taste of the cookie was unique Don’t try to take credit for something that is in no way close to the real thing.

    • Bill Love

      No one was and tbe schools cookies were better then links

  • Joe Smith

    Some of the kids should get together and make them and sell them at school, they could make some real cash!

  • Witchwindy

    In my State there is a cookie sold in many convenience stores (single cookie in plastic wrap) that is very similar if not the same (IIRC they are named Granny’s). They cost way more than the breakdown of $8 per dozen. I would order a dozen of these if they were available to be shipped, the shipping couldn’t possibly bring the cost per cookie to more than I pay once every couple months for the local version.