November 26, 2014


Court upholds death sentence for Cleveland killer

Jeremiah Jackson

Jeremiah Jackson

COLUMBUS (AP) — The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence of a man condemned to die for shooting a woman at a Cleveland laundry mat.

The court’s 6-1 ruling came in the case of Jeremiah Jackson, convicted of killing Tracy Pickryl in 2009 at the end of a crime spree in Cleveland, Sandusky and Lorain.

The court’s decision Tuesday rejected defense arguments that the judge showed bias against Jackson by holding an unsolicited hearing to determine if Jackson had a mental disability.

Justice Terrence O’Donnell, writing for the majority, said the judge wanted to ensure that Jackson, who an expert determined is not mentally disabled, received a fair trial.

Dissenting justice William O’Neill said the hearing shouldn’t have been held after Jackson’s attorneys chose not to raise the issue.

  • golfingirl

    Put him down quick.

    And yes, I hope it is a painful, slow and agonizing execution.

    • Dawn

      Thank you for the support. I am Dawn…. Tracy was my sister who was murdered. :-( She deserves justice! I miss her so much.

  • Kim

    Its nice to see justice served.
    Sick of people being convicted only to be given reduced sentence

    • Dawn

      Yes! I agree….. Tracy was my sister. He gets to eat, breath, write his letters, etc….But my sister can’t! He took her life for NO reason at all. Still to this day, I can’t except what happened. I don’t think I ever will :-( Your support is greatly appreciated.

      • Kim

        I am very sorry for your loss Dawn!

  • kristie

    Dawn, I am so glad that justice is finally going to be served for Your family and Tracy. I find it odd that this coward is now fighting for his life when he had no regard for Tracy and her life. My hope is they make him watch each and every step to his demise. God bless you and your family Dawn Love you and we pray that some day that your heart will feel whole again