November 25, 2014


Lorain teacher allegedly sought nude pictures from teen boys

Sean Silvasy

Sean Silvasy

ELYRIA — A Lorain math teacher has been indicted for allegedly asking two teenage boys to give him nude photos of themselves.

Sean Silvasy, who taught high school math at the alternative Credit Recovery Academy, faces two counts of attempted illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material, according to an indictment handed down last week.

One charge is a felony and the other is a misdemeanor, Lorain County Prosecutor Dennis Will said.

Silvasy, 43, was served with the secret indictment Monday when he was stopped by Amherst police, county Sheriff’s Sgt. Randy Koubeck said.

Koubeck said Silvasy has been under investigation since January when the two teens reported his requests.

“They kept getting text messages from him that he wanted some nude photos,” Koubeck said.

The boys, who are 16 and 17, never sent Silvasy any photos despite the persistent requests, he said. Koubeck also said the two boys were working for Silvasy at some rental properties he owned when the requests were made.

When confronted by police, Koubeck said Silvasy admitted to asking the teens for nude photographs.

Lorain Schools Superintendent Tom Tucker said Silvasy, who joined the district in August 2013, will be placed on paid leave until the criminal case against him is resolved.

He said the district learned about the investigation into Silvasy over the summer and conducted its own internal review to make sure the teens weren’t students he was teaching and that nothing inappropriate had happened on school grounds.

In addition to the internal investigation, Tucker said the district kept a close eye on Silvasy. He said Silvasy was regarded as a good teacher and hasn’t had any disciplinary problems.

He also said that a background check on Silvasy before he was hired last year came back clean.

Silvasy, who was freed on bond Tuesday, is due to be arraigned Thursday in county Common Pleas Court.

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  • grannyof6

    Idiot!! What a disgrace, his father ( a retired Domestic Relations Administrator) should be real proud of his 43 yr. old son. I bet he is speechless, sad situation for all involved. Why is he on “paid leave”?

    • Scout

      Because he hasn’t been found guilty yet. Truly embarrassing for the whole family.

  • Kim

    Paid leave?! Even though he admitted doing it!
    That’s bs!

    • HankKwah

      And when it came to trial, he could deny he said it. Then sue the district for backpay for wrongful termination. Gotta take careful steps in situations like this.

      • guest

        If he is convicted does he have to pay it back?

        • HankKwah

          Nope. Wonderful, ain’t it?

  • Sis Delish

    We need Tipper Gore to come to the rescue and have her Internet Creating former husband to come up with some sort of LGBT Cancel Button to protect school kids from folks like this.

    • Kim

      How would that stop the straight teachers from requesting this from school kids idiot?!!

      • Sis Delish

        Ask Tipper.

        • Kim

          I don’t know who annoys me more… You or Golfingirl

      • Phil Blank

        Why would a straight teacher want nude boy photos?

        • Kim

          Phil Black, If the straight teacher was a women. Its not just gays who solicit nude photos of their students.

      • Joe Smith

        I guess people need a sarcasm button so you wont take them serious .

        • Kim

          Well Joe Smith, the irony is I was being sarcastic myself, Duh!

          • Joe Smith


          • Kim

            You are not me ,its ridiculous to pretend you know in what context my comment was made. So BS yourself JOE BLOW!

          • Joe Smith


  • JoyceEarly

    “He said Silvasy was regarded as a good teacher and hasn’t had any disciplinary problems.” If he’s asking for nude pictures of young boys he’s technically not a good teacher.

  • zdubb78

    PAID LEAVE FOR A PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!
    But they wont hire teachers to alleviate teachers haing 34 kids in their class or teaching both a 2nd and 3rd grade class in the same room at the same time!!!!

  • nomokids

    I hope Lorain City Schools will investigate a music teacher as well. He was living with his student in the 80s and is still unsafe.

  • Edward Nonamaker

    What the hell is “Alternative credit recovery Academy ” ?

    • It has to stop

      It’s an alternative school for at risk students. Back in the day it was called the detention home.

    • 2muchgovernment

      You know. You have to politically correct nowadays. : /