November 23, 2014


Woman dies after stabbing in Amherst Township

The Lorain County Sheriffs Office investigates two stabbings at Amherst Trail mobile home park. KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE

The Lorain County Sheriffs Office investigates a fatal stabbing at Amherst Trail mobile home park. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

AMHERST TWP. – A stabbing on Tuesday evening left one woman dead from her wounds early Wednesday, according to the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.

Monica Freedman, 24, died at about midnight Wednesday at EMH Amherst Hospital after a stabbing at a mobile home park at about 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Freedman was one of two victims in the stabbing, which happened at Amherst Trail, a mobile home park near state Route 58 and state Route 113. Steven Bullard, 49, also was stabbed and taken to MetroHealth Medical Center, where he was listed in fair condition on Wednesday morning.

According to Bullard’s next-door neighbors, Debbie Carr and Ashley Carr, Bullard pounded on their door Tuesday night, bleeding from stab wounds to the back, stomach and arm. Bullard told his neighbors he was stabbed in his trailer by Freedman during an attempted robbery. He said there was an unidentified man dressed in black also involved in the robbery.

Police haven’t found any evidence of the unidentified man, according to the Sgt. Randal Koubek of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office returned to Amherst Trail to interview witnesses and neighbors on Wednesday for more information.

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  • Rae Ingram


    • Otter


    • NO NAME

      yes when you say Steve Bullard.. you cant but say fishy. He studied law while he was locked up.. so he thinks he is untouchable

  • Really?

    If we just had stiffer knife laws, situations like this could be easily avoided.

    • Joe Smith

      Why would a law that requires knifes to be stiffer avoid anything?

      • Really?

        Yes! Joe you’re onto something there. If we only made knives more limp! Brilliant!

    • Seeker

      I wonder if it was a Assault Knife or just a butter knife

    • Frank Siegfried

      Good thing it was not a high capacity or assault knife…could have been much worse!

  • Joe Smith

    I hope they find the truth for the families

  • Rufus

    Hey why no description of the knife. How big was it? Was it a hunting knife or a kitchen knife? Did it have a long blade or a short blade? You know that makes a difference. Where did they find the knife? Was it in a trailer or on the ground? Or….
    Did it have blood on it or not? How are they sure it was a knife?

    Aww come on and get some details inquisitive minds want to know………………..

    • FoodForThought63

      They never mentioned a knife in the story. Why are YOU so sure it was a knife?

      • Joe Smith

        “How are they sure it was a knife?”
        From Rufus’s post

    • HankKwah

      Did they have a license to carry the knives? Was it open carry? High capacity stabbing potential?

  • jule

    carving knife

  • ekwaykway

    Well somebody is not going to be able to k’nive their way out of this one.

  • Bob

    Didn’t Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones star in a movie like this?? This whole story sounds a lot like Fugitive.

  • barb

    this guy was abusing women in high school. He’s lying. he finally killed one.

    • NO NAME

      Steve is a piece of crap. He has terrorized this trail park for a long time. Just look at his record. he has threatened a lot of people.. The lady was in his trailer almost dead and he is laying outside for over a hour and never told anyone she was in there. I think is wounds were self inflicted. Management and the owner of the park knew he was a problem. too bad he didn’t stab his self in the heart. If he gets away with this there will be no justice for Monica. And there will be a lot of trailers for sale in BLOODY TRAILS….

      • 2muchgovernment

        Very sad. Yes, the story does sound fishy. I don’t know either of them but they both have had their share of trouble with the law. He more than her. Unfortunately she hung around with the wrong person.


    Justice for Monica


    check out Steve’s record.. it is public

  • corey pincura

    yeah i got stabbed six times in elyria . and the kid is still walking around . thats how f***** our justice system is . if it was me id be locked up with out a key .

    • NO NAME

      Yea Steve will get away with MURDER..