November 27, 2014


UPDATED: Bay Village Police seek charges in revolting ‘ice bucket’ prank

BAY VILLAGE (AP) — Outraged police in a northeast Ohio suburb are pledging to bring charges against those responsible for dumping a bucket allegedly containing feces and body fluids on a special needs student who was told it was part of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” fundraiser.

Bay Village police chief Mark Spaetzel said video of the prank is one of the most disturbing things he’s seen in his career, the Northeast Ohio Media Group reported.

“To me, it’s reprehensible … that these kids would take advantage of a vulnerable teenager,” he said.

WJW-TV in Cleveland reported this week that the autistic teen’s mother discovered the video on his cellphone. She said her son was tricked into having feces, urine and spit dumped on him when other kids told him it was part of the popular fundraiser. She said he was embarrassed and didn’t want to tell anyone afterward.

Spaetzel said police are reviewing a copy of the video, which was also posted on social media. He said investigators weren’t sure when and where the dumping took place, or how many were involved. But he said all are believed to be Bay High School students.

He said Bay Village police will investigate thoroughly and are moving as quickly as possible to bring criminal charges.

School officials say they will discipline any student who was involved.

Superintendent Clint Keener said the act isn’t reflective of the school’s student body, which he said has many students who volunteer to try to make sure special needs students have acceptance and success at the school.

“Our entire Bay Village Schools community is heartsick over the cruel actions taken against one of our special needs students,” Keener said in a message posted Thursday on the district’s website. “The student and family targeted by this act have our utmost sympathy, and we will work to let this student know that we care very much about his well-being.”

He also said many students and staff have taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to fight ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Celebrities, groups and everyday people have been on the receiving end of dumped buckets of ice and water in the highly popular fundraising campaign benefiting the ALS Association.

  • Joe Smith

    There is no punishment bad enough, just stunning!

  • lilbud

    I can’t believe this!!! Do the same to them and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luvmytoaster

    This is absolutely disgusting……

  • 2muchgovernment

    Pathetic! It’s sad to know that the days of parents punishing their kids & teaching morals are gone. Shame on those kids and their parents.

  • Guest


  • Phil Blank

    If the victim is classified as disabled, the kids are in bigger trouble.

    • Rtgh123

      I hope you’re right.

  • Russ Jeske

    The guilty students should be expelled from school. And because this occurred in Cuyahoga county, 90 days in Cuyahoga county jail with the adult inmates should send a message to the world that this will not be tolerated!

  • ched

    Unfortunately a good promotion to gain awareness on different diseases and disability’s, comes the Scum! No one in this World deserves to be treated like this!

  • Guest

    This brought tears to my eyes. To think that these bullies could be so cruel to a vulnerable special needs child, or any child for that matter, to humiliate him in such an absolutely disgusting manner. They obviously have no sense of decency and respect.

  • Otter

    Time to ship them all off to a nice military school……

  • Kit

    Just heartbreaking. Have they no compassion/empathy?? What the hell is the matter with those morons? Obviously, the ones who did this are REALLY the special needs persons.

  • SandyLey

    The animals that did this sicken me beyond words. If they don’t know the difference between right and wrong when they’re out on the streets, you know they must be acting out at home as well. Parents are so busy out making money that they have left their children to raise themselves without benefit of a moral compass, and others have to pay for their parental neglect.

    • SniperFire

      Oh, please. Juveniles have been picking on retarded kids since… forever.

      They deserve severe punishment, but we only wish your faux outrage would extend to worse child behavior, say, teen murder on the streets of Cleveland.

  • John Q. Taxpayer

    We all know nothing will happen to these spoiled rich kids from Bay. When it was posted where were all these caring kids from Bay H.S.? Why didn’t they turn the morons who did this in?

    • SJ82

      Generalize your class warfare much?

      • John Q. Taxpayer

        Only to those that use their nose as an air sock

        • SJ82

          That making no sense aside, I can only assume you’re proud of being a mouth breather?

          • John Q. Taxpayer

            people walking around with their noses up in the air tend to believe they’re better then everybody and can do as they please to whoever they please

  • Jeff Mellott

    In most states, it’s called battery by bodily waste. It’s a felony. He could get a disease from this.

  • John Davidson

    Maybe the Bay High football team could use these idiots as tackling dummies.

  • NostraCulpa

    “Superintendent Clint Keener said the act isn’t reflective of the school’s student body…” Well actually Superintendent Keener, if they are students at your school then they do represent (at least a part of) the student body. Get your head out of the proverbial sand and deal with it!

  • Scout

    Degenerates! What does ‘discipline any student who was involved’ mean…in school detention, suspension or what? Expulsion should be the only appropriate school discipline. Felony charges/convictions should be brought against these degenerates. And the parents-well maybe they tried to raise their ‘darlings’ properly we don’t know that… Unconscionable.

  • michelle

    Well it’s reflective of something…….like overindulged upscale suburban youth. The same should be done to them.

  • Chan

    Haven’t watched the video but it saddens me that this happened. I normally don’t condone violence BUT……

  • Lee Brown

    This is a part of our societies reality,people learning to hate other people and when something like this happen in their community,everyone won’t to act like they are surprise this occurred in their community and not the ghettos ,as they call them.

  • gladys

    It would not surprise me one bit if these degenerate morons are a bunch of jocks – not unlike the Steubenville bunch. They will have all kinds of protections and
    coddling from their coach and amoral families – how about we give them their own special bucket challenge and stick their heads in a bucket of sh*t every day for a month as punishment

  • Mark

    Here is the gofundme campaign stated by the family’s attorneys.