November 23, 2014


Two suspects sought after shooting at Circle K

Update 1:30 p.m.: Elyria Police have identified the shooting victim as Richard Tainter, 43, of Elyria. He was in good condition on Thursday afternoon at MetroHealth, according to a hospital spokesman.

ELYRIA — Two suspects remain at-large after a shooting at Circle K early Thursday.

A male clerk at Circle K, 515 N. Abbe Road, Elyria, was shot at 2:48 a.m., according to Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino.

The clerk told police that he went outside to smoke a cigarette and observed an unknown male approaching him brandishing a handgun, Costantino said. Another male stood nearby.

The clerk said he turned quickly in an attempt to re-enter the store and lock the door, but was met with resistance from the armed subject. The clerk told police a struggle took place near the front door, and during the struggle, the clerk was shot in the stomach, Costantino said.

The clerk was able to crawl back into the store and call police. The armed subject left the area on foot.

The clerk was taken to University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center, and was later flown by medical helicopter to MetroHealth Medical Center, where he was immediately taken into surgery. His condition is unknown.

The clerk’s identity will be released once the family has been notified.

The two suspects remained at large as of 9 a.m. Thursday. The suspect with the handgun was described as a white male or light-skinned black male, about 5-foot-8 with a slender build wearing a gray sweat jacket, light colored pants and a white mask over his face. The clerk told police he was silent during the confrontation. The second subject was described as a 6-foot white male with a thin build wearing a red hoodie.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Elyria Police Department at (440) 323-3302.

  • Sis Delish

    I’m Convinced about the need to Ban the Sale of Hoodies.

    • HankKwah

      Maybe need to register your hoodie with the proper authorities?

      • Sis Delish

        Or, have to be 21 to purchase one.

    • Frank McCourry

      and presto! the bad guys will stop using them….

      Praying for the clerk…

      • Sis Delish

        That’s a Sexists Remark!

    • Triston Henderson

      Ok I gotta ask exactly what would that accomplish? Like this sort of thing didn’t happen before hoodies were sold. And what comes after that? You gonna ban sneakers cause they helped the bad guys run away faster? C’mon people lets use so common sense. A piece of clothing isn’t the problem here.

      • Scout

        Did anyone notice the temps last night? Certainly not hoodie weather so anyone wearing a hoodie right now is either within eminent death or up to no good!

        • Triston Henderson

          I agree with that 100%. But the idea of banning hoodies is just assinine. People will commit crimes like this no matter what they are wearing.It’s just a stupid thought.

          • SniperFire

            Triston. It was sarcasm. Do you need a humor transplant?

      • Sis Delish

        Okay, what is the problem here?

  • Bob Dobbs

    I have no words for these scumbags!

  • Pablo Jones

    Smoking is dangerous for your health.

  • stargazer2012

    There is absolutely NO REASON for these stores to remain open after 10 pm, no reason whatsoever!! These employees are sitting ducks for violence and for what, a pack of cigarettes, a six pack??!! Circle K should be held responsible for any harm/death that happens to their employees, because they are fully aware the danger they are putting these people in!

    • Frank McCourry

      I agree, at least put a second person in the store after 10pm.

      • Triston Henderson

        Why? What exactly is that second person going to do when something like this happens? If anything you’ll have 2 people shot instead of one… That makes a whole lot of sense.

        • Frank McCourry

          A second person may at least discourage a would be shooter. It’s hard enough to deal with one person let alone two. Even better would be to arm the clerks. Once word gets out, crooks will at least think twice before trying it.

          • Triston Henderson

            If you have a gun a second clerk isn’t going to discourage anything. Thats just a very naive thought. Armed clerks would make a shooter think twice. And it could also lead to shootouts in corner stores.

    • Joe Smith

      No reason other than their freedom to conduct business and they must be a demand for these hours or they would not be open .
      Funny you blame the store for being open when the employee can decide if they want to work there or not or you can blame the criminal.

      • luvmytoaster

        Sure the employee can decide if they want to work there or not – and if not, then they lose their job ending up in the unemployment line…….

        • Joe Smith

          And if the store were closed after 10, they would lose their job anyway as they would not need them.

    • todd

      Blame Circle K. Lol I know your not serious. Too many things wrong with this to believe your serious.

    • rob

      I believe if there was more than 40 dollars in his drawer at the time he was shot circle k will fire him.

  • Krista Miller

    Hense why I hate Elyria!!! This is just down the street from me. Praying for the clerk’s recovery

    • Joshua S. Lewis

      My brother-in-law was the clerk who was shot, he said the men were regulars and they came in earlier that night, then came back with a gun, so the police have them on camera (during thier first visit). I hope they catch these scumbags. My brother got out of surgery a few hours ago, he’s doing good and will make it.

      • Jean Vincent

        prayers for your brother in law such a sad thing

      • Joe Smith

        Probably not a good idea to tell the specifics of an on going investigation as the police may have wanted to use the element of surprise when they went to arrest them and now that they may know they have pics of them and may be identified, they may either be ready for the police or go on the run which could be dangerous.

        I am glad your brother in law is going to be ok, good luck to


  • Patty Siniard Doman

    I was just there last week and there were some sketchy people hanging around ,it used to be a nice area ,I won’t be stopping there anymore ,what’s up with Elyria ?

    • Kit

      It’s a slum, that’s what’s wrong with it.

    • Seeker

      Crime is running rampant , but don’t break a traffic law or OSP will be on you like white on rice .

    • Kit

      Yesterday I replied that the problem with Elyria is that it’s now a slum and my post was censored and removed. I wonder why? It’s not the CT’s fault it’s a dangerous place to live, yet they won’t let my post go thru saying that? Hmmm, I wonder why.

  • Bob

    And yet another reason why I packed up and left Elyria. Hope the clerk recovers and they find the punks that did this.

  • Barack Obozo

    Stopped there recently after many months. I got concerned when there were “certain-type people” hanging around both outside the store and in the parking lot. This sleazy atmosphere is not the best way to attract business. As for me, I’m out of here!

  • NostraCulpa

    In a twist of irony, does anyone else expect the victim to get fired for being outside smoking when he should have been minding the store?

    • brenda

      They can take breaks.

  • brenda

    I am really glad that the clerk, Mr. Tainter is going to make it. Prayers going out to him and his family.