November 24, 2014


Elyria residents unnerved by early morning shooting

ELYRIA — An early morning shooting of a Circle K employee Thursday left an unsettled tone in the surrounding neighborhood.

The suspects were still at large and the clerk, Richard Tainter, 43, was in serious condition at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland late Thursday.

Tainter was working at the Circle K at 515 N. Abbe Road early Thursday when he stepped outside about 2:45 a.m. to smoke a cigarette, according to a news release. Tainter told police he saw a slender man wearing a gray jacket and a white mask walk toward him brandishing a handgun. A 6-foot-tall white man wearing a red hooded sweatshirt stood nearby, according to the report.

Seeing the men, Tainter tried to get back inside the store, but the man with the gun caught up with him, police said. The man started struggling with Tainter and Tainter was shot in the stomach, according to the release.

The men ran from the area while Tainter crawled into the store to call police.

Officers arrived and found Tainter lying on the floor by the counter with a gunshot wound to the lower right side of his stomach.

Despite the wound, Tainter was able to tell police what happened before he was taken to University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center and then MetroHealth, where he underwent emergency surgery.

A spokesperson for Circle K didn’t return a phone call Thursday to discuss the incident.

For some residents in the area, the shooting was unnerving.

“It worries me. It makes me want to lock my doors,” said Kelly Johnson, who lives near Circle K. Johnson said she frequents Circle K, but usually during the day.

Joe Shapko also thought of the community’s safety after the incident.

“I’m surprised and not surprised,” he said.

Shapko lives close to Circle K as well and said he’s glad he has a security system at his house.

“(A shooting) is a whole other level. People are desperate,” he said.

A resident who didn’t want to be named said though the area is known as safe, it’s not immune to violence.

“This can happen everywhere. I don’t think you can say (there’s a safe part of town),” she said.

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  • saltydog77

    Just very sad that there are people willing to shoot you in the stomach because they are to lazy to earn a living as this man was doing for his family.

  • Just saying

    Where’s all the negative comments at? If this had happened on the southside of town there would be a slew of negativity about the side of town and black people. Just goes to show violence can happen anywhere, any city any side of town any race….

    • Seeker

      People on the south side have nothing to steal , unless you take their Obama Phone or EBT Card

    • Sis Delish

      There is another story about this event… go there and feast!

  • todd

    C’mon man. There is no “good side ” of town anymore when you speak of Elyria or Lorain. Sad that place is gonna lose lots of business after dark.

    • Seeker

      How much business do you really think they do between midnight and 6 am , by the time overhead is figured in , its probably close to a wash

      • Bob Dobbs

        You’d be surprised, sometimes ya got to get a polar pop, some snacks and blunt wraps at 1am on a Wednesday. Or a tall boy of bud and a pack of cigs. Mostly its neighborhood people getting snacks, lottery and smokes or late shift guys getting beer and smokes… or shady looking dirtbags asking for change to get a beer and bumming cigs.

        • Seeker

          they can only sell beer and wine till 1 am. they are just a mile away from 2 24 hour speedways which have bullet proof glass around the cash registers.

          • Bob Dobbs

            Local neighborhood people walk there because its convenient, they aren’t going to walk a mile to speedway just because the clerk is behind glass??

          • Seeker

            The would drive to speedway if circle k was closed .

        • Seeker

          Anyone who would take “Fine Smoking Material” and wrap it in a nasty ¢.50 blunt wrapper has no appreciation for “Fine Smoking Material”

          • Bob Dobbs

            We agree on this!

    • Kit

      Elyria is a slum now and one has to be very careful when visiting that town. I wish a speedy recovery for Tainted.

      • Kit

        Damn autocorrect! Tainter not Tainted.

      • Scout

        Elyria is not a slum. It has its good and bad and people just need to be vigilant. Also, people need to call the police when they see something that doesn’t seem right. Too many times people say they aren’t going to get involved and that’s how things get out of hand.
        Hope Mr. Tainter does fully recover and maybe circle K will decide that after 1am the should close down for the night.

        • Seeker

          Many times when people call the Police they are treated as if they are the criminal and after a couple instances of that they quit calling.

  • oldruss

    Maybe a solution is to close up at a reasonable hour. When I was growing up, a 7-11 Store, that stayed open until 11:00 p.m., was notable. Grocery stores, department stores, etc., usually closed at 6:00, except on Friday nights, when the supermarkets stayed open until, OMG, 8:00 p.m. Offices, government agencies, etc. were closed by 5:00 p.m., and banks even earlier. Sundays, almost everything was closed, which was also true on holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day). Did that deter crime, or was our society generally just more civilized and less dangerous?

    • Bob Dobbs

      More civilized

    • saltydog77

      I believe you are referring to what was once known as “blue laws”. Only drug stores or pharmacies were allowed to be open.

      • oldruss

        The only time “blue laws” came into play was on Sundays. Of course, liquor sales were always regulated, and stopped at a much earlier hour than they do today. I think it was more custom and tradition that stores closed at a descent hour in the evening. Workers were then able to go home to their families.

        • saltydog77

          I agree with what you are saying.I also believe that as a society we have become more 24/7 in the way we live and do business.And business has responded to our needs by being open at more off hours for our convenience.Not every one leads such structured 7-3 or 9-5 hours anymore.As with everything in life there are good points and bad points and we have just seen the bad ones.Its sad to see two adult men decide their “only” source for $ was robbery and possible murder.