November 25, 2014


Lorain teacher pleads not guilty to texting charge

Sean Silvasy

Sean Silvasy

ELYRIA — Sean Silvasy, the Lorain math teacher accused of asking two teenage boys for nude photos of themselves, pleaded not guilty during a brief court appearance Thursday.

Silvasy, 43, faces felony and misdemeanor counts of attempted illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material for allegedly making the request in text messages sent in January.

Defense attorney Kenneth Lieux said his client intends to “vigorously fight” the allegations against him.

Lieux said police and prosecutors were combining harmless jokes with ill intent Silvasy didn’t have.

“It’s harmless, frat house, locker room banter common among males,” Lieux said.

The teens, who are 16 and 17, were working for Silvasy on rental properties he owns when they received the text messages requesting the nude photos, according to the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office. Silvasy didn’t deny sending the texts when confronted by investigators, deputies have said, but Lieux declined to discuss the specifics of what was in those texts.

Silvasy, who taught at the alternative Credit Recovery Academy, has been placed on paid leave by Lorain Schools pending the outcome of the criminal charges against him.

Lorain Superintendent Tom Tucker has said he was unaware that Silvasy, who was hired as a full-time teacher in August 2013, had faced similar allegations over improper text messages while working as a teacher for Firelands Schools.

Silvasy resigned from Firelands in November 2012 while he was on paid leave while he was being investigated for an October 2012 text message exchange with a student in which the pair accused each other of being homosexuals, including the use of slurs.

Firelands officials reported the interaction to the Ohio Department of Education, which initiated disciplinary action against Silvasy in December 2013. A hearing before the Ohio Board of Education, which could revoke Silvasy’s teaching license, is set for November.

Silvasy, who is free on bond, is due back in court later this month.

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  • brenda

    Can’t even send your child to school nowadays!

    • VarsityGold

      You could say that about Catholic Churches, Boy Scouts and other groups too.

    • Joe Smith

      Parents should be monitoring their underage childrens texts etc for these reasons, it would have been stopped at the first one if so.

  • Pat Holbrook

    put him in the same cell with Jerry Sandusky

  • grannyof6

    “It’s harmless, frat house, locker room banter common among males”, according to his attorney. Really Mr. Attorney? Why don’t you ask the Jerry Sandusky victims if that’s all it was! How could you even represent that? It’s just plain sickening! What would you do if they were your kids?

    • JoyceEarly

      Exactly maybe banter in a gay bath house locker room but who is he trying to kid (pardon the pun). Straight normal males don’t ask for pictures of 16 year old boy’s junk. I doubt this is his first request for nude boy pictures. And notice he has the “pissed pedophile” look. Damn I was caught! I was innocent, they seduced me.

  • oldruss

    What should concern the parents of Lorain City School students, is that this teacher was hired by LCSD while he was being investigated by the Ohio Department of Education, if I understood the time line correctly, but in any case, just after he had resigned from Firelands Local Schools after allegations of improper texting had been made against him.