February 11, 2016


About Byron Scarbrough

A native Elyrian, Byron was raised in the Sportsman tradition with a love of the great outdoors and respect for land. An avid angler, he's fished from the Canadian Arctic to Florida's Coastal Islands and everywhere else he could in between. A certified Whitetail Clinic Instructor, he's harvested multiples of nearly every legal game species in Ohio. He is a graduate of OSU School of Journalism and has written several books in the area of military history. He is a clay busting, mountain biking, lap swimming, geo-caching, horse riding, fish catching, line running, canoe paddling, trail hiking, arrow slinging, pine cone eating, wilderness camping fool, who will do almost anything to avoid working in a cubicle. Contact him at ByronOutdoors@gmail.com.

Ice isn’t always nice, so be careful

With spring turkey season just around the corner, now’s the time to renew your license and do maintenance 
on your decoys. A fresh coat of bright red paint on those Tom’s heads will bring a gobbler running, says Chronicle-Telegram outdoors columnist Byron Scarbrough.

The ice came and left suddenly, but fishermen who were thankful for the ice fishing opportunity are now looking forward to an early boating season, with some optimists saying they’ll be on the water by mid-March. That would be terrific, but there are a few who are going to have to find a new way Read More…

Marblehead Coast Guard to the rescue

Coast Guard Station Marblehead used a 20-foot airboat similar to this one to rescue two fishermen who were adrift on an ice floe off Catawba last week.

Mother Nature brought a veritable fishing party to the ice last weekend as a dozen fishing shanties popped up on the hard water at East Harbor. But, as always, with the first ice comes the first mishaps. Last Friday around 2 p.m. two fishermen on an ice floe off Catawba were spotted by a pilot Read More…

Finally, ice. Nice!

Elyria native Nic Kosiba caught this bunch of Bluegills while ice fishing in
Geauga County

Fishing shanties beginning to go up on Lake Erie as temperatures go down Ice fishermen are finally getting a chance at the hard water. Temperatures in Northern Ohio dipped to below freezing last week and look to remain so for at least the next couple of days. Pilots out of Port Clinton note there are still Read More…

Seemingly innocent product can be danger

There’s been an issue I’ve wanted to write about but it just keeps getting kicked back in my agenda week after week. It’s one of those “write your congressman” issues that’s really important, but while we were distracted by Christmas, Congress went ahead and passed it into law. The Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 may Read More…

This little bird

If you consider yourself a “birder,” this time of year is exciting, as winter migrations often bring rare and distant travelers to our area, and this year the bird watching community is especially excited about a little bird called the Brambling. Usually seen in Europe, Asia, North Africa or the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, this Read More…

A sobering message for drone pilots

We had a lot of reader response to our mention of UAS/UAVs (drones) last week, but none more important than one from my old friend and Avon Lake native Chris Conn, who flies a MedEvac helicopter for University Hospitals. Chris is a fellow Eagle Scout and was my tent-mate at the Scout World Jamboree in Read More…

If there’s a drone under your tree, read on

Did Santa leave a drone beneath your tree? If you got a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System, also know as a “drone”) for Christmas you might be a little confused by the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) ruling about having it registered. So as a fellow enthusiast, allow me to clear things up. If your drone weighs Read More…

Beaver trapping starts Dec. 26


Ohio’s beaver trapping season opens statewide Dec. 26. Every year Buckeye beaver trappers make hundreds of thousands of dollars collectively, with this year’s I-Grade dried pelts bringing about $9 each on average, and twice as much for a really big one. Traditionally, Northern Ohio is a terrific place for beaver, with its many rivers and Read More…

Fog plays spoiler for hunters, anglers

As El Nino continues to grace us with unseasonably warm weather, lake fishing continues to be red-hot, and anglers in boats and on the shore continue to bring in many good-sized walleye, both day and night. Foggy conditions at the end of last week hampered visibility, reminding boaters to take it slow and wear their life vests. Water temperatures may be warmer than usual, but Read More…

Thinking of walleye en route to deer camp

First things first. The amazing Lake Erie night bite continues, as good as it’s ever been in the opinion of many anglers. Boats are coming back from the east side of Cleveland to west of the islands with the live wells just full and 10-to-11-plus pound walleyes being reported somewhere every day. With surveys bringing Read More…