November 26, 2015


Deer Hunting Changes


Of the opinions I’ve heard regarding changes to the rules, few are based in science, some are based in convenience (blackpowder season should be earlier in the year to coincide with my vacation) or personal preference (we should have deer gun season over Christmas break so I can hunt with my kids who are off Read More…

Let’s Go RV’ing

Big, off-seaon RV shows give buyers an opportunity to do real side-by-side comparison of many RV models, and are an increasingly popular way for first-time buyers to join the RV culture.

“Let’s Go RV’ing!” The commercials are selling the word “Away” and they say it’s as much about getting there as it is about being there. But there’s something to this concept of “Away” that’s very genuine and honest; that is as soon as you get “Away” you stop thinking so much about “this here” and Read More…


This Copperhead was also sunning itself in a warm but less-safe place; the road!

Remember that scene where Indiana Jones looks down at the moving, writhing floor of the tomb and woefully remarks, “Snakes, why’d it have to be snakes?” I’d feel the same way. Walking through the high meadows of one of Ohio’s many terrific public hunting areas overlooking a large marsh when I come across something that Read More…

Steelhead Alley


Have you ever watched those fishing shows where the guide leaves his cabin and nets a Brown Trout in the stream that’s right out his back door? Or those tarpon guides who are casting across the flats for a giant shiner before he sees another boat? Ever wish you lived some place with that kind Read More…

Spencer Lake Winter Kill


The ice receded and the disaster revealed itself… The warmer weather affects me like paroled madman every year and I find myself standing on the boat ramp at Spencer Lake Wildlife area, flanked by my fellow former inmates; sportsmen so anxious to get in their boats and go fishing that they too want to see Read More…

Bass Fishing Dreams


It’s a sunny yet cold Saturday morning in Ashland, Ohio and the parking lot of my favorite Fin Feather Fur Outfitters is jam packed. Pickup trucks with Smallmouth bass decals and rod racks in the window are parked all the way over to Grandpa’s Cheese barn, and inside the Fin it’s strictly standing room only. Read More…

Goose Conquest


Last spring I recall sitting in the turkey blind waiting on a long beard Tom. I have my turkey decoys set up, a hen and a fan-tailed tom, and I’m calling seductively with a purr on my slate call when over the hill a black head appears,. In the early morning the pale light plays Read More…

Winter Birds


We’re really fortunate to be on the Great Lakes where bird migration is concerned. Many species not native or resident in the area use this like a truck stop; just a place to rest their wings and grab a bite before they head on north or south, depending on the time of year. Somebody mentioned Read More…

Meet the Dunkle


It’s a good year for the ice fisherman, that’s for sure. Not for the faint of heart or thin of insulation, but these anglers of the “hard water” are often rewarded by catches of big fish that feed like lions when there’s nothing coming from the surface that doesn’t have a hook in it. And Read More…

Life on Ice

During the recent Winterfest at Lorain County Metroparks Vermillion reservation, folks tried their hand at a variety of ice-related activities including fishing and old fashioned icehouse block cutting

Remember when it didn’t used to get so darned cold and your mom would worry about how thick the ice was that you were perilously playing pond hockey (or whatever that was) on? There was this rule that the temperature had to be below freezing for three consecutive days for it to be safe for Read More…