November 30, 2015


A Beautiful problem.


Who was it that sang that song about the swans that live in the park? Anyway, we need to talk about swans today. You see, there’s a problem with swans, a big one, specifically with the Mute Swans. First let’s talk about Trumpeter Swans, with their black, pointed bills and c-shaped necks. They’ve been around Read More…

The Barn Owl

With his heart-shaped face, bronze feathers adn distinctive call, it's easy to identify the Barn own (ODNR)

I’m at the edge of a field in Wayne County, trying to get warm in the van for a few minutes, a chicken salad sandwich in my lap, hot coffee on the dashboard and binoculars hanging around my neck catching the occasional errant bread crumb on the lens. I don’t think of myself as a Read More…

The Spirit of the Pheasant


Winter has a lot of cold days. It’s one of my new hobbies to identify and embrace the coldest day of the year, and this was it; minus ten according to my car thermometer that morning. Still, they promised it would warm a little, not too much wind and plenty of sun by mid-day, so Read More…

Life’s a ditch


After a few days in Hawaii, I was going to burst. We landed on a lava rock runway and were whisked off to one of those “resort hotels” where everything gets brought to you and you’re kept away from nature except to admire the surf and sunsets from inside an air conditioned conference room, before Read More…

A day afield.


Twenty degrees isn’t all that cold for we happy few from the North Coast. We go out in it all the time, do the things we have to get done, and a cup of hot cocoa later we are back in the warm confines of our Sheetrock caves, looking through the windows thinking, “I’d hate Read More…

Bean Rifle

Herd digging for acorns

For years I’ve envied my friends in the deep South, not only for their eight-deer-a-season limits, but for the fact that they can harvest deer with “bean rifles”. Now before you get visions of some space-age super weapon that shoots lima beans at hyper velocity (too late?) let me explain. “Bean” doesn’t refer to WHAT Read More…


Buzzard enjoying some carrion.

It was many years ago that I harvested my first deer. I found myself standing all alone, deep in the Wayne National Forest of Southeast Ohio, generally knowing what I had to do, but wishing I had somebody else there just to lend a few pointers. It was just me, the wind and this dead Read More…

Venison Chili Cook-off

Venison Chili Cook Off in Findlay

When I started this job there wasn’t a whole lot to it; I did what I normally do as an outdoorsman, and I write about it. It wasn’t long before I was being asked to do public appearances and speak before groups, and I gladly accepted these opportunities to get the Outdoors Page some publicity Read More…

Hocking Hills


I drive the side-winding roads as they bank through Hocking County past little rivers with such creative names as, “Sunday Creek” and a few miles up, “Monday Creek”. It leads me to imagine what it was like for the explorer who put his diary and his map on the same page. It’s rough country, steep Read More…

Gore Orphanage Ghost Stories


Recently I had the chance to regroup with some of the boys and men I knew as a Boy Scout in Elyria, but almost as good was getting to visit the place where I went to summer camp, Firelands Scout reservation in Henrietta Township. I hadn’t seen either these folks or this place in many Read More…