April 19, 2015

Partly sunny

ATV’s & Muddin’


From the earliest age we are told by our mothers, “Don’t play in the mud!” yet we are drawn to it. Did you ever wonder why? The answer is simpler than you might think. There are all kinds of mud; soupy mud, clumpy mud, sticky mud, smelly mud, swampy mud but it’s a basic fact Read More…

Venison, Nature’s Wonder Meat – 11/30/2012

Photo by Dr. Tom Mahl

By Byron Scarbrough, Outdoors Writer There’s something most people don’t know about me, I eat almost exclusively organic meat. I know this evokes the image of a guy who wears sandals all year, braids his hair, wears hemp clothing and spends way too much time and money at the Whole Foods market. I am none Read More…

The Sportsman’s Wish List – 11/23/2012


Byron Scarbrough, Outdoors Page Writer This week we decided to help Santa shop for us by putting together the “Sportsman’s Christmas Wish-list.” As I started to list all the things I want to find in my stocking, I thought, “Let’s have some fun and spread this assignment around a bit.” So, I solicited help from Read More…

Staying Warm/OSU-Michigan 11/16/2012


Byron Scarbrough, Outdoors Page Writer Football fans have traditionally been at the mercy of the weather. 62 years ago, our Ohio State Buckeyes led by Elyria High graduate Vic Janowicz, played in the most legendary of foul weather games, the Snow Bowl. Actually, it wasn’t a bowl game at all, it was the regularly scheduled Read More…

Mountain Biking – 11/09/2012

Photo by Dr. Tom Mahl

Byron Scarbrough, Outdoors page writer Like a ten year old kid again I revisit the sensation of “flying” downhill on my bike. Only it’s not 1976, I’m not on my green Schwinn Sting Ray with the banana seat and the Evel Knieval stickers, and this surely is not Berkshire Road hill. The stakes are much Read More…

Pheasant Hunting – 11/02/2012

Erin Hostal

Byron Scarbrough, Outdoors Writer, The Chronicle Telegram In early November, each footstep crunches on the ground like walking in a gigantic bowl of corn chips. We stand in a line, eight men abreast, the dogs and handlers pressing through the corn stubble, and brush in front of us. The alternating tones of the electronic dog Read More…

Pheasant with Port Wine Demi-Glaze and Rice Pilaf


• 4 Young Pheasants, halved • 4 oz Olive Oil • Port Wine Demi-glaze • 4 oz Clarified butter • 4 oz Shallots • 12 oz Port wine • 32 oz Apple cider • 4 sprigs Thyme • 2 qt Demi-Glace • 8 oz Butter • Salt and Pepper Heat olive oil in a large Read More…

Youth Waterfowl Tune-Up – 10/31/2012


Byron Scarbrough, Outdoors Writer It’s raining; I mean it’s the kind of rain that concerns a man named Noah. I’m huddled under a pop-up picnic shelter with a dozen other refugees and a pile of Canada goose decoys. Crowded, but excessively polite (except for the geese) we settle in to enjoy a symphony of about Read More…

Mohican River Valley – 10/26/2012


Byron Scarbrough, Outdoors page writer The sunshine cascades down upon me in bright streams reaching through the golden treetops. Drifting down the Mohican in my kayak this week, virtually alone, just my casting rod as a companion, the season settles in with me. I drift past a clump of red maple leaves fallen on the Read More…

The Fall Colors – 10/19/2012

"I take my girls to the field with me whenever possible."

Byron Scarbrough, Outdoors page writer Fall is the season of change and reflection. The end of the busy summer and the advent of cooler weather lends to looking at the projects we’ve put off and tending to yard work, namely, the raking of leaves. As I took my coffee on the back porch to watch Read More…