January 31, 2015

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Mohican River Valley – 10/26/2012


Byron Scarbrough, Outdoors page writer The sunshine cascades down upon me in bright streams reaching through the golden treetops. Drifting down the Mohican in my kayak this week, virtually alone, just my casting rod as a companion, the season settles in with me. I drift past a clump of red maple leaves fallen on the Read More…

The Fall Colors – 10/19/2012

"I take my girls to the field with me whenever possible."

Byron Scarbrough, Outdoors page writer Fall is the season of change and reflection. The end of the busy summer and the advent of cooler weather lends to looking at the projects we’ve put off and tending to yard work, namely, the raking of leaves. As I took my coffee on the back porch to watch Read More…

Turkey Hunting – 10/12/2012

“So let me get this right, we got up at 4 in the morning, came out here in the frosty freezing cold, listened to these birds fly down all around us, now we have them in sight and you want me to run in there and scatter them?” “Sounds crazy huh?” “Sounds like you want Read More…

Buffalo Turkey Dip

10/5/2012 Wild Turkey near Burns Rd Elyria. Photo by Tom Mahl

• 2 Cups cooked wild turkey breast (diced or shredded into very small pieces) • 8 ounces ranch dressing • 8 ounces cream cheese • 8 ounces shredded cheddar • 3 celery stalks chopped fine • ¼cup onion chopped fine • 6 ounces hot or Buffalo sauce Soften cream cheese then mix all ingredients well. Read More…

THE REST OF THE STORY…from Sept. 28th’s printed story on the OUTDOOR PAGE

Rest of the story Deer

I hunted this single buck for three days, seeing him several times but never getting within range before he busted me. On the morning of the third day (knowing I was two hours from home and had to be at work by noon). I dedicated myself to getting one last chance at the elusive 8-point Read More…

Archers take to the Trees as Deer Season begins in Northeast Ohio.

Aug 2011 Deer and Fawn Lorain County Ohio

I join you this week from a deer stand, sixteen feet up in the oaks of a woodlot on my buddy’s farm on Gore Orphanage Road. Gradually, I sense that I am not alone in the woods, where I was decidedly alone  just a moment ago. Now I know I’m being watched. In my peripherals, Read More…

The Lake Erie Perch


A breeze from the north meets our bow as two foot waves gently caress the hull in a splish just barely audible over the engine’s throaty chortle. We are on our way out of the harbor, the sun is warm and bright. The passengers chat in nervous excitement. Is it Red Skies at night, or Read More…

Hunting Season Opens in Ohio


Byron Scarbrough, Outdoors Writer, The Chronicle Telegram It’s just before seven in the morning; I am sitting on a milk crate in a millet field. The taste of my coffee tells me either my kitchen skills are lacking, or I should have washed the thermos better after my last fishing trip. The air is damp, Read More…

2012 Nut Survey & Interview w/Lee Croker of Ohio Div. Forestry


Byron Scarbrough, Outdoor Writer- Elyria Chronicle Telegram This summer’s drought has been hard on wildlife, it’s no secret. The scarcity of standing water has changed habitats and the failure or shortage of traditional feed crops has caused deer to stress secondary forage sources in some areas. The result is what naturalists refer to as “over-browse”, Read More…

Team USA Olympic Shooter Amanda Furrer Interview


July 12, 2012, Byron Scarbrough Becoming an Olympian is a lifelong ambition and a one in a million shot. Ohio State Buckeye Varsity Rifle shooter Amanda Furrer started working on that goal at age eleven, and this month she will represent the United States in the Thirtieth Olympic Games in London. Earlier this week I Read More…