July 2, 2016

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About Kelly Gunther

Kelly Gunther, who was born in Lorain, began roller skating at age 6 after giving it a try at Lorain Skate World. She attended Washington Elementary and Whittier Middle schools in Lorain before moving to Michigan at age 11. By that time, she was heavily into inline skating. She had a successful 10-year career in inline racing and joined the U.S. National Long Track Program in 2009. She just missed a spot on the 2010 Olympic Team and, after being forced to rehabilitate a ankle injury, made the 2011 winter World Cup team.

Kelly’s competitive history

Family, coaches, doctors helped with achieving Olympic dream

Hey Everybody! Here I am again from Sochi, Russia, writing about what is going on! Well it’s now almost coming to an end! I can’t believe it’s almost over. Where has the time gone so fast? Wow. That went by as a world wind. Let me just tell you about my getting in the ice Read More…

Opening Ceremony was ‘dream come true’

Hello Everyone! Well its now Sunday and the Opening Ceremony was Friday. … Oh my gosh, did my dreams come true! Walking through that tunnel and being called out as our country! Oh my word! I couldn’t even sleep that night because I couldn’t believe that one of my lifetime dreams had just come true! Read More…

Arriving safe and sound in Sochi

Hiiii Everyone! I just wanted to say and I am safe and sound in Sochi! And I don’t have enough words to even say how amazing this place is! Its one amazing place and so awesome to be here! The Village is just unbelievable to even say the least! Each country has their own building Read More…

Last day in Italy; Next stop: Germany

Hello Everybody, I just wanted to write one last time before I leave Italy! Well we have one more day and then off to Germany! We leave early Wednesday morning and its about a 3 hour bus ride, we have such a busy day! We drive there then, then go to get all of our Read More…

First Post: Arrival in Italy.

Hello Everyone~ I have made it safe and sound to Italy! It is so pretty here! The mountains that we get get to look at everyday are pretty awesome! It is pretty cold here! Its about 35 the highest outside and that is what we get to skate in because the rink is outside on Read More…