March 2, 2015


Critter Chronicles: Ferb


Look at this handsome guy! Ferb would absolutely love to be adopted into a good home. He is from a house that had too many cats so this nice kitty is waiting and hoping that today will be the day that someone says they pick Ferb to love forever. Friendship has lots of other felines, Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Diamond


Diamond is a beautiful blue-eyed beauty. She is currently at a two week training session at Paramount Dog Training in Valley City. She will be trained on-and-off leash, housebroken, house manners and will be a perfectly trained dog. Meet and greets will be at the trainers facility in Valley City. A free training session with Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Dog in Kennel No. 15

Kennel 15

Hello!  I arrived at Lorain County Dog Kennel and am searching for a great “furever” home – can I come live with you? It’s really packed here at the kennel, and space is at a premium. We always get nervous when the cages are full! I’m a good doggy and would love to have a Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Maisie


Maisie was transferred from another rescue group to Friendship. She was immediately placed in foster care to help with her socialization. Maisie does not yet know how to walk on a leash and is not house trained. She does know to use puppy pads. She is learning to relax and to now loves to be Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Gatsby


Gatsby is great! He was found in a home where his owner had passed away. This poor boy lived several days in the home after the death until he was found. Nothing is known about Gatsby, but he’s been the perfect guest and very social since his arrival. It seems like he’d fit right into Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Onyx


Onyx is a sweet and quiet boy. He was brought in because his owners did not have enough time for him. This poor fellow needs to put some meat on his bones. Onyx had some separation anxiety because he was left alone a lot. Owner stated Onyx would do much better in a home where Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Ruby


Ruby and Thor were brought to Friendship by the shelter’s humane officer. They were taken away from their family due to inadequate housing. They are super sweet siblings. Both are timid and frightened but getting calmer every day. They would love to live out their senior years in a warm loving home. Please stop by Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Lionel and Lloyd

Lionel & Lloyd-apl

Friendship Director Greg Willey recently rescued a group of puppy mill dogs from Pike County. A woman passed away and had more than 50 dogs living on her property. She was breeding beagles and Jack Russell terriers among other dogs. All dogs needed grooming and socialization. They are all sweet but very scared and lack Read More…

Critter Chronicles: MaryAnn

Mary Ann-apl

Mary Ann is a beautiful black cat. She has been well-cared-for all of her life. She is ready to move back into a loving home. Mary Ann and her sister were found as kittens and were shop cats. They were given to an older lady for a year until her health declined. Mary Ann’s hobbies Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Dog in Kennel No. 5

Kennel 5

Hi there!  The staff at Lorain County Dog Kennel just love my doggy smile, don’t you? Maybe if I flash my signature smile, I’ll get adopted! Are you interested? The dog kennel is full and I’m looking to get out of this joint.  Stop down today and meet me and my other canine friends here. Read More…