November 30, 2015


Critter Chronicles: Princess


Poor Princess can’t catch a break. She was adopted from Friendship over a year ago and unfortunately her owner is very ill and can no longer care for her. Princess is a sweet senior that was very much loved and well behaved in her last home. She is a couch-potato and likes to watch TV. Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Brownie


Brownie was surrendered to Friendship as a humane case and had a severe case of fleas that caused a lot of fur loss.  This poor boy was also very thin and undernourished.  Brownie has been on the mend and is now ready for adoption.  Sweet Brownie has not lost his trust in people.  He’s an Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Louie


Everybody loves Louie! He was surrendered to Friendship due to the health of his owners. Louie lived with an elderly couple and they were no longer able to care for him. Louie likes to run and play but did not have much of an opportunity to do that. With a younger family he will thrive Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Jefferson


Jefferson loves to be where the action is. He was rescued from the Lorain County Kennel so his history is not known. Since his arrival he’s been a fun dog to have around and likes to play in the fenced in area, go for walks and be around people. Jefferson has your typical Jack personality Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Trigger

Trigger--Kennel 2

Hello!  My name is Trigger, and I was found as a stray with my sister in Amherst.  My sister was adopted … but I’m still here, all by my lonesome.  I’ve been here over a month, and it’s really, really crowded.  I’m super nervous, because I know what happens to dogs who are here for Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon-multiple

Kevin Bacon was purchased off of Craigslist from a college student in Tiffin. He was bought by a young man who thought a pottbellied pig would be easier to raise than a dog. Cleveland is not a place to raise a pig he quickly learned.  Kevin is believed to have been born at the end Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Burt


Burt ended up at an Ohio dog pound.  He is an ultimate snuggle bug, sleeps nicely in his crate at night but would much rather be in bed with you! He seems to be house trained. He doesn’t bark much, he is calm and easy going. he walks nice on a leash. The only thing Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Coco


Coco was given up by her caregiver who was not giving her proper care.  What an absolute sweetheart! Coco is the perfect, move-in ready dog.  She is very calm and will walk into your home and fit right in.  She is fine with other dogs and the same with cats.  Children should be a little Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Panther


Mr. Panther is one happy guy … He was running loose and hungry. He was picked up by animal control and no one came looking for him. So we pulled him from the pound and he is now all cleaned up and eating and filling out his skinny body. He has some very nice manners Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Smokey


Smokey is an adorable, friendly and sweet little kitten. He responds so well that you will be surprised to hear that Smokey is blind. This little kitten finds his way around just fine and responds when you call him to you. Smokey isn’t going to let being blind hold him back!  Hundreds of more cats Read More…