September 18, 2014


Critter Chronicles: Violet


VIOLET On Feb. 3, Friendship received a desperate plea for help from Holmes County. Their volunteers asked if we could pull a few of their adoptable dogs because they had just confiscated 71 dogs and puppies from a basement breeder. Our staff knew that Holmes legitimately only had room for about 20 dogs in their Read More…

Critter Chronicles: J’La


J’LA Introducing J’ La! She was surrendered to Friendship because her family had a change in lifestyle. J’ La is a friendly girl but a little timid at first. She’s been at the shelter awhile and is coming out of her shell. J’La loves to go for walks and loves spending time with the volunteers Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Chip


CHIPS Check out Mr. Chips! He’s a lively boy that arrived from another facility in hopes of getting a home sooner at Friendship. This fellow has a pleasant personality. He loves to get out and run and play in the fenced in area outside. It’s very hard for younger larger dogs to be cooped up Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Leo


LEO This little guy is as cute as they come, but he thinks he’s a large dog. Leo will need a strong leader, someone who knows how to handle a dog who thinks he’s the boss. I don’t think Leo will have any trouble turning over he reins, no one has ever requested he do Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Mater


MATER Looking for an awesome family pet? Stop looking, stop by Friendship and visit Mater. He’s a super friendly boy that loves attention. Mater is happy to be around adults as well as kids. Poor Mater had a loving home but a family member was allergic to him. They couldn’t say enough nice things about Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Bella


BELLA – PRISON GRADUATE Bella is back! She’s on her way back to the shelter in her photo. Happy to be back and find her loving home. Bella has gone to school and passed with flying colors. She is a proud Prison Graduate from the Grafton Correctional Institute. Bella has been trained in obedience, basic Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Stoli


STOLI Perk up your life with a shot of Stoli! She’s a gentle friendly girl that would love to be part of your family. Stoli arrived from another shelter in hopes of finding a home sooner at Friendship. She’s been the perfect lady since her arrival. You can tell Stoli has had a loving home Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Willow


WILLOW Check out Willow. She arrived at Friendship from another shelter hoping to find a new home. Willow is a friendly playful girl that will need some training but should learn quickly. She has a nice personality and is waiting to be a part of a loving family. Hurry, Willow is waiting. Please don’t make Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Gracie


GRACIE Please go get Gracie! She is a quiet gal that just wants to be your friend and companion. Wouldn’t you like a furry friend? Gracie sure would. This fine feline has been waiting for a home since last summer. Give this terrific girl a break. BREED/DESCRIPTION: Domestic short hair tabby SEX: Female NEUTERED/SPAYED: Yes, Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Ozzie

Ozzie-multiple breed

OZZIE Ozzie was in an Ohio shelter, and we have no idea why because he is onecute puppy. We were lucky to save him in time as the shelter gets in a lot of dogs and puppies and is forced to euthanize weekly to make room for all the new ones coming in as strays. Read More…