November 29, 2015


Critter Chronicles: Lola-Prison Graduate


Lola was adopted and recently returned. She graduated from the training program at the Grafton Correctional Institution and was trained in obedience, basic commands, manners and proper walking on a leash. Lola was returned because she was too active for her family. She also has some separation anxiety. Lucy was rough with cats and younger Read More…

Critter Chronicles: MiMi-Prison Graduate


MiMi is a very sweet but somewhat particular pup. She’s already gone through the prison training program and was adopted but then returned. MiMi did not get along with the other dog in the family. She was very affectionate with people. MiMi is somewhat shy at first and it takes her awhile to warm up. Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Opie


Opie here! This  happy-go-lucky guy was adopted as a puppy from another rescue. The family worked long hours and did not feel they had enough time for him. He’s an active boy that needs more time outside and a fenced in yard. Opie is fully house and crate trained. He loved to play with 2 Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Flora


Flora is a magnificent looking brindle boxer mix that arrived from another facility. She’s s still a puppy. If you look quickly at her you may mistakenly think she’s a deer. Flora is friendly, playful and very affectionate. She will need lots of training, patience and love. Her history is not known so it’s best Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Bailey

Bailey-multiple breed

Bailey is housebroken and crate trained.  Her foster home has two small children. Bailey does well with them but due to her size and energy level, MBR recommends she be in a home with older children because she does not understand she is that big. She loves to play and still acts like a big Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Happy

Jellybean-multiple breed

Happy was at a rural Southern Ohio pound. He was scheduled to be killed because he was “not acting normal” at the pound. He is so laid back and scared they thought something was wrong with him. Poor guy! Happy has definitely been abused, grabbed by the collar in a rough manner and hit. It Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Dog in Kennel No. 6

Kennel 6

CHEESE! Don’t you love this girl’s smile?  She is giving us her very best face because she is really hoping for a nice home soon!  This girl arrived over a month ago, and she needs to find a great home -quick!  Lorain County Dog Kennel has too many dogs, and we need to get these Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Bernadette


Bernadette came to the rescue in May very pregnant and very skinny. She has since had four beautiful babies who have found their forever homes. Bernadette is gaining back her weight.  She loves to cuddle and take naps on the couch. Bernadette comes when called consistently and is easily corrected if she is doing something Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Jack


Jack was taken to the pound after roaming a campsite in Southern Ohio for weeks. Jack is missing his left eye. Although we do not know the history, it was taken care of professionally by a veterinarian. This minor handicap does not stop Jack from enjoying life. Jack’s temperament is calm and laid back. Jack Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Louie


Everybody loves Louie!  He was surrendered to Friendship due to the health of his owners.  Louie lived with an elderly couple and they were no longer able to care for him.  Louie likes to run and play but did not have much of an opportunity to do that..  He will need to brush up a Read More…