November 25, 2015


Wellington school board rescinds budget cuts after public outcry

WELLINGTON — The power of the public has saved Wellington Schools’ full-day kindergarten program and a speech pathologist for at least another year. On Tuesday, following community outrage over $2.4 million of proposed budget cuts to the school district and teachers’ salaries, the Board of Education decided to retain full-day kindergarten and keep Joanna Hornbeck Read More…

Sheffield-Sheffield Lake representatives testify before state legislature

SHEFFIELD — A Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools Board of Education member, teacher and group of students went to Columbus on Wednesday to testify about a proposed state budget that will negatively impact the district if passed. The already cash-strapped district relies heavily on support from local taxpayers. But district officials say the proposed budget under House Read More…

Online courses help professionals balance family, work and school


Balancing a career and a family can be difficult, and such a task gets even more complicated for professionals who decide it’s time to further their educations. Though it can be difficult to balance all three, many degree programs are now more flexible than ever. In the past, night school was the only way working Read More…

Deciding if graduate school is right for you


Graduate school has long been a place professionals turn to when looking to give their careers a boost. But the recent recession left many professionals wondering if graduate school would help or hurt their chances of finding a more challenging or fulfilling job. As is typically the case during an economic downturn, graduate school applications Read More…

Using newspapers to teach kids in the classroom

Newspapers are a valuable resource parents and educators can use to instill a love of reading in their kids and students.

Few resources are as inexpensive yet inherently valuable as the daily newspaper. For as little as the loose change in their pockets, readers can get all their local news, as well as learn what is going on overseas and, for sports fans, what happened during last night’s games. For educators, newspapers can be a valuable teaching Read More…