March 1, 2015


Helping Kids with Learning Disabilities Do Well in School

Ensuring kids with learning disabilities get plenty of regular exercise is one way to help them stay alert and focused in the classroom.

Today’s parents have it tougher than ever before. In addition to competing with traditional counterparts like friends and social schedules, today’s parents must also compete with cell phones, the Internet, video games, and the host of other distractions at a child’s disposal. While this can be less of a problem during down times like summer Read More…

Career Training Can Put You on the Road to Success

Even established professionals have many external options to advance their careers.

There are many ways that one can train for a career, from enrolling in college to on-the-job training. How an individual prepares for his or her career depends greatly on that person’s schedule and lifestyle. Here are some options to consider, courtesy of Distance education Do you want to further your education and train Read More…

Are Teens Prepared for the Real World?


(NewsUSA) – Between balancing classes and after-school activities Raymond Perez, 17, is as busy as ever. He is one of millions of high-school students preparing for the next step in life. Unfortunately, many U.S. students are not learning skills necessary to succeed in college and the workplace. The Alliance for Excellent Education estimates that only Read More…

Answering Questions About Continuing Education


Adults go back to school for a variety of reasons. They may have personal accomplishment goals or their motivation could be purely financial. Unemployment has recently led many individuals back to the classroom. Many colleges and universities report that re-entry or adult students are the new majority on campus. Adults ages 25 to 69 are Read More…

Handling the Stress of Being a Student

The stress of being a successful student is a pressure many students must learn to deal with, particularly as they advance through high school and higher education.

In light of the country’s economic downturn, few topics are as prevalent as stress. In the course of the last year, many families have suffered the loss of their income, and many more have even lost their homes. The reality of a recession always illustrates the problem of stress. But for the nation’s students, stress Read More…

Inspirational School Movies

Students getting ready to return to the classroom may want to spend their last few days of summer vacation checking out the library of school-themed movies available. There are many inspiring stories that illustrate the benefits of education.