June 26, 2016


Budgeting Tips for Brides and Grooms

When it comes to planning a wedding, finances are first and foremost on the minds of many couples. As the costs associated with weddings continue to rise, the need for a budget only grows more apparent. But how can a couple establish and stick to a budget? Doing so depends on each individual couple, how Read More…

Getting Engaged is Just the Beginning. Now What…?

MS — Are you one of the thousands of couples who got engaged over the holidays? This is the time for you and your soon-to-be to get everything you ever wanted — the time to start from scratch, to upgrade, expand and replace. To turn a whole bunch of mismatched mine and yours into a Read More…

Pop the Question… Museum Style

By Emily Stone, Chicago Tribune CHICAGO — Neelam Patel couldn’t believe it when she saw her boyfriend, Neal Patel, reach his hand into a case at The Field Museum in Chicago and grab the diamond ring sitting inside. “I thought, ‘What is he doing? He’s breaking into this case at the Field Museum! He’s going Read More…

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