February 6, 2016


How to prevent lawn damage

Preventing lawn damage includes cleaning up after pets, whose urine can cause discoloration in the yard.

Many homeowners aspire toward a pristine and lush lawn. For some a nice lawn gives them feelings of pride. Others believe a perfect lawn enables them to have the best-looking house in the neighborhood. Many homeowners spend hours outdoors perfecting their lawns or spend a good deal of money hiring professionals to make their lawn Read More…

How to maintain fresh-cut flowers


Fresh flowers serve many purposes. A bouquet of flowers can be a gift on a special holiday or birthday. Some people apologize with flowers, while others use flowers to convey feelings of love or appreciation. Many people like to display fresh-cut flowers in their homes because their beauty can brighten the mood indoors. Others plant Read More…

Does Your Dog Snore? It Could be Seasonal Allergies


The same pollen and allergens that keep you from enjoying your garden come the warmer weather could also be affecting your pet. Now that more dogs spend time snuggling up to their pet parents in bed or share the same room at night, many people are discovering that their pooch has a snoring problem. Dogs Read More…

Reference Guide for First-Time Flag Owners


Many homeowners have decided that there is no better way to show their American pride than to proudly display a US flag in their yard. The flagpole experts at EZPole Flagpoles, a manufacturer and distributor of 100 percent American-made flagpoles, discuss some items to consider before flying the Stars and Stripes. Choosing the Right Flagpole Read More…

Create a Tranquil Feature With a Koi Pond

A koi pond can be a relaxing hobby and a wonderful accent point for your backyard.

Dig a hole, fill it with water and watch your koi grow. That’s the secret to your koi pond, right? Actually, much like a pool or indoor aquarium, koi require some work. In fact, koi are quite sensitive fish that require a carefully maintained environment for optimal health. Koi are colorful fish that go by Read More…

Native Ohio Plants – Daisies


Daisies (Leucanthemum Superbum) This remarkably cheerful (and cheering) plant has layers of white petals surrounding a bright, golden-yellow center; the foliage is an attractive green. Daisies will always draw the eye and will re-bloom if dead-headed.

Valu-Rooter of Elyria Offers a Wide Range of Services


Valu-Rooter of Elyria, Ohio offers a wide range of plumbing repair and replacement services for sump pumps, toilets, faucets, sinks, tubs, water heaters, backwater valves and garbage disposals. We also offer sewer and drain cleaning. We use traditional cable machines and high pressure jets, depending on the job. When you are in need of professional, Read More…

Native Ohio Plants – Sunflowers


Sunflowers While the seeds you will purchase in the store are not the same as the native Ohio sunflowers, they are derivatives and are well-suited to our soil and our summers. As stunning borders or startling accents, they can’t help but make you smile. And when their season is done, they are great favorites with Read More…

If You Want to Go Green… You Have to Grow Green!


4 EverGreen Grow Shop, located at 1444 Lowell St. (same building as Patriot Surplus), is Elyria’s newest source for your gardening needs. Co-owners, Chris and Chuck Riddick and Jim Clark, invite you to stop in to check out their full line of organic gardening products and supplies, including the BEST soils you can buy. (They Read More…

Tree Huggers – Dogwood


Ever the “ingenue”, the Dogwood begs for attention while hiding its show behind bigger pushier trees in the woods. In your yard it will be happy to give a great early-spring performance and then fade into the background as a lesser player for the rest of the season. A couple of weeks of flowers (tasteful Read More…