February 11, 2016


Tree Huggers


Maple trees are very common in this area (Lorain County) and vary in size by species. Maples come in many colors and hues, each more beautiful than the last.   The seeds fall, spinning toward the ground like a helicopter. Maple trees have many uses but perhaps the best is the shade under which one Read More…

Manage a Backyard Bird Habitat

For many nature enthusiasts, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing wildlife right in your own backyard. Birds are often welcome outdoor visitors, and homeowners look for ways to entice birds to take up roost in their landscape. Providing several different types of foods can be the first step to welcoming a variety of birds to Read More…

Breathe Free Plant a Tree

We need trees in order to survive. Trees supply the oxygen in the air we need to breathe. They keep our air supply fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide. Each of us is responsible for over 4,600 pounds of carbon production per year. In one year, a single tree can absorb as much carbon as is Read More…

Veggies ROCK


Even though flower-gardening may be your “thing”, consider putting in a nice variety of vegetables. Studies show that vegetable gardening with your kids (and grandkids, and next-door neighbors’ kids) produces not only good food, but the kids that will eat the good food! Being active participants in a vegetable garden goes a long way towards Read More…

Good to Grow – Annuals and Perennials


Annuals Annual flowers are those that complete their lifecycle in just one growing season. In other words, you plant a seed (or a seedling plant), it grows foliage, then flowers, seeds and then the plant dies, all in the same year. Annual flowers tend to bloom from spring until autumn frost. Although they must be Read More…

Looking for Some Green This Spring?


Turn Your Gold into Cash at Elyria Jewelers Bill Piorkowski, owner of Elyria Jewelers, invites you to stop in at their new location (486 N. Abbe Rd. in Elyria). Bring in your gold, platinum and diamonds to Elyria Jewelers. The commodities market is at record levels making this THE time to sell! If you have Read More…

Top Interior Improvements to Get Your Home Sold

Real estate industry experts say there may be a light at the end of the tunnel with respect to home sales. Declines in home sales over the last year have led to a number of foreclosures and homes on the market. First-time buyers are finding they can finally get the house of their dreams — Read More…

Have Your Aluminum Siding Refinished by Andrews Painting


Are you considering having new siding put on your home? Did you know that your siding can be painted to look like its brand new again? …And at a fraction of the cost of new siding! Before you decide to purchase new siding, give Andrews Painting a call for a free estimate on refinishing it. Read More…

Good to Grow – Cosmos


Tall, willowy, drought-tolerant…these attractive bloomers dance in the wind and look you in the eye. Once the plant is established, you don’t need to worry about watering or fussing…no deadheading, required (unless you want to). They are undervalued and over-achievers, producing lots of blossoms from mid-summer through frost. Don’t underestimate this charmer.

Tool Guidelines for Novice Green Thumbers

Spring is all about spring cleaning. While many people limit their spring cleaning to clearing the house of a winter’s worth of clutter, the spirit of spring cleaning can be applied to the lawn and garden as well. For novice green thumbers, choosing a starting point can be frustrating. But a good starting point for Read More…