June 30, 2016

Partly sunny

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Butterflies are delicate insects with a short life span that can add beauty and whimsy to a garden. Many gardening enthusiasts want to learn more about how to attract these winged creatures to their yards so they can enjoy them as much as possible. To attract butterflies to your yard, first you should understand the Read More…

Good to Grow – Celosia (Cocks Comb)

Your crazy aunt with the peculiar wig. Celosia get all ‘“feathery” and curly and silly looking when summer gets here. They provide you with most every color you could want. They are drought-tolerant and like living here. Think about getting a few–who doesn’t love a crazy aunt with the funny wig?

Good News

We know how important mulch can be to keep out weeds, preserve moisture and give a nice appearance, but did you know that one of your best sources of mulch is in you hands, right now? Newspapers, dunked briefly in a bucket of water and spread in several thicknesses, provide a great weed barrier, a Read More…

Good to Grow – Snapdragons

Snapdragons come on, like gang-busters in the spring, with colors, wild and soft. After suffering through a long summer they return to send you into autumn with flare.

Good to Grow – Mums

Just because that Mum at the nursery says it is a “hardy” mum, don’t you believe it. It is very difficult to get ahold of a true “hardy” Mum, these days (the hardy Mums you see may be hardy SOMEwhere but they aren’t here). That doesn’t mean you should avoid them. Just get the ones Read More…

Mill Hollow Nursery Specializing in Hard-to-Find Plants and Container Gardening.

Each year, Mill Hollow Nursery sets itself apart from other greenhouses by offering the highest quality and selection of unique plants, personalized advice, and reasonable prices. Wander through the greenhouses and grounds to discover a wide assortment of perennials, annuals, vegetable plants (including many heirloom varieties) and culinary herbs. You will find many new varieties Read More…

Good to Grow – Blanket Flower

It has a habit of growing in a nice compact and attractive formation. It doesn’t so much “spread” as “enlarge”. The foliage is nothing special–not “unattractive” so much as “unremarkable”, but the plant becomes covered (could this be why it is called a “blanket flower”?) with colorful and eye-catching flowers… LOTS of flowers. They look Read More…

Watering as the Weather Warms Up

For lawn care afficionados, perhaps no time of year is more frustrating than summer. While the warmer time of year affords homeowners more time to work on their lawns, excessive heat can also make those efforts seem futile. Depending on where you live, drought restrictions could also prove irritating, limiting the amount of water you Read More…

Everything Old is New Again!

The Rain Barrel is making its return to environmentally-aware homes and gardens. The barrels collect run-off from roofs and repurpose it for watering gardens. The gathered water saves money by not requiring the use of “metered” water for plants, and it prevents the run-off from entering the water-treatment system – requiring expensive processing. The barrels Read More…

Native Ohio Plants – Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)

The foliage is nothing to get excited about but the flower…the flower starts-off with a daisy-ish head; the petals quickly begin to fold-back to highlight the large, colorful, spiked center. Leave them alone and they make a great winter feature.