June 25, 2016


Kids’ Krafts: Colors of Autumn Clothe Acorn People

By Kathy Antoniotti Akron Beacon Journal Anyone with an oak tree growing in his or her backyard knows the acorn is a favorite staple of a squirrel’s diet. In autumn, you can see them collect and store acorns for winter. But did you know that for centuries humans also relied on the fruit of the Read More…

Let’s Wine… Clambakes Enhance Leisurely Fall Gatherings

Most of us don’t have a very high opinion of the lowly clam. However, the classic clambakes of fall offer the opportunity for a leisure get together that we can share with many close friends and family members. You don’t have to like clams to attend or even to get enough to eat. There are Read More…

In the Kitchen with Kristian… Embark on a Fresh Fall Vegetable Adventure

  Hello fellow Lorain County foodies! Fall is upon us and with that brings vibrant beautiful colors not just in the changing leaves but with the changing seasonal produce. When I think of fall I think of the smell of crisp morning air and cool nights, which in turn causes me to think about comfort Read More…