November 25, 2015


Coy Wolf


There’s this break in the mating cycle of the Whitetail Deer known as the “October Lull” when things slow down a bit. It varies greatly with location, but guys like me who keep a few trail cameras out can measure “the lull” by the number of deer photographed and the relative absence of larger bucks. Read More…



As the sun rose higher behind us, the fog had lifted from the cornfield and we watched yet another flight of Canada Geese appear from beyond the tree line, slowly turn, and break away from us.  It was becoming increasingly clear that something was wrong with our strategy and we were going to get skunked Read More…

October Doe

Two bucks in Soybeans - Tom Mahl

There was a time when men wouldn’t hunt with you if you took a female deer, a Doe. Some saw it as wrong, perhaps unfair, but the harvesting of Does is a valuable wildlife management tool and as table fair goes, many prefer Doe venison. This weekend, October 11th and 12th, is the statewide “antlerless Read More…

Autumn Begins


Autumn’s a busy time for a lot of us. I’m sure a lot of you think of days gone by when fall meant canning fruit and making jam. The brutal winter did a number on my fruit trees this year, so there’s less of that then usual, but I’m using the slack time to cut Read More…

Outdoor Preparedness


I had a friend over at my house a few years back, and he needed to borrow something I kept in my basement. Well, either he was a good enough friend that I trusted him not t0 judge me for the messy state of my basement, or he was a superficial enough friend that I Read More…

Mourning Dove Morning


We’re camouflaged as best we can be in this weather. But at the beginning of September the early mornings are still warm and by nine o’clock we’ll be stripped to short sleeves and baseball caps, so it’s especially important for us to stay still and hidden. We line the fence rows of a freshly cut Read More…

At The Gunshow


Fall marks the beginning of Gun Show Season, which is kind of like Christmas for outdoorsmen. Dad woke me one morning before daylight with words any boy would relish, “Do you want to go to the gun show with me?” Are you kidding? Do I want to drive a fire truck? Do I want to Read More…

Early Goose Season 2014


So, did you hear them Monday morning? By dawn’s early light they were out there with the sounds of distant WHUMP, WHUMP-WHUMP! That’s right, it’s “early” goose season! Every year the Division of wildlife sets aside a couple of weeks at the end of summer as a special season for hunters to work on the Read More…

Owls and Turkey Vultures


Walking through high Jewelweed in the flood plain of the west branch of the Black River, my attention focused in on the babble of the current over some rapids. The big downed sycamore tree that spanned the two sides of the river banks made a natural bridge for squirrels to cross and my eyes searched Read More…

What Deer See


I was lying in the tall grass at the edge of the woods across from Elyria Fire Station Number 4 on Abbe Road. This was long, long ago; before they put up a fence and decided it was Elyria High’s soccer field. Because it didn’t get a lot of traffic and was far enough off Read More…