December 1, 2015




Finally, warm weather is here. I’m out in “the field” looking for the long awaited signs of spring, and they are all around this time of year. Nests of all kinds of critters, birds and rodents, can be found at every turn, and the little nature walks I take with my daughter are like the Read More…

The Future at Findley State Park


Most of the time when I’m writing this page it’s about what I’m doing all alone, with my family or a couple of fishing buddies. But it’s a sunny, beautiful Friday afternoon before Memorial Day. I’m standing in the pavilion at my favorite (Findley) State Park, when a fellow named Jim Zehringer walks up and offers me Read More…

Wood Ducks


The Spring time is a busy time for everyone in the outdoors. From chores around the home and yard, to the farmer’s mad rush between rains to plow and plant, the angler’s zeal to get his line wet and the walleye, crappie or steelhead out, if the Great Outdoors were a house, it would be Read More…

Dr. Tom Mahl


The other day I was checking in with one of Elyria’s roving photographers who posts his pictures on line. Amongst the shots of folks around town, here’s a photo of a lone fellow on a folding chair, staring down at the river on East Bridge Street. To the casual observer, he seems a little out Read More…

Blue Marlin Fishing Adventure, part Two of Two


Instantly there’s a high whining noise that makes me look down at the instrument console to see if the engine has thrown a rod or something. “WHIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!” Captain Chad jumps out of his seat so fast I think he’s going to fall off the bridge. “BIG FISH!” he screams and is immediately answered by Sandy Read More…

Blue Marlin Fishing Adventure, part One of Two


 Off the coast of Kailua Kona, Hawaii, on board the “Bite Me One” with Capt. Chad Contessa, First Mate Sandy and a chartered fishing crew of six. Six thirty in the morning, and we are out of our slip and already rigging fishing lines. Sandy is a retired painting contractor who hung up his paintbrush Read More…

Playin’ Possum


A lot of things happen in the wilds while you’re waiting for something else to happen. Another morning, I’ve been sitting near a weedy path at the back of a woodlot, a funneled crossing between corn fields. It would be a classic place to ambush deer, but I’m waiting for the turkey I know to Read More…

Modern Homesteading


I write about life in the outdoors, and that generally means my recreational time afield. My outdoor life is an escape from all the everyday things that make life stressful. But there’s a part of my life in the outdoors that begins as soon as I step out the back door. It’s a part of Read More…

Honu, the Green Sea Turtle


I’ve been a snorkeler since I was in my early teens, but the clear blue waters off the Kona Coast of Big Island, Hawaii are very different from the Lake Erie I knew as a kid. For one thing, before the Zebra Mussel invasion, the visibility of the Lake was about eighteen inches. Here in Read More…

Mushroom Hunting/Seeking


The color bright red is seen few places besides on a tom turkey’s head in the spring woods, so when you do see it through the trees, that really gets the adrenaline going. Silently, I slipped my shotgun’s safety off, and remained motionless beneath my full camouflage veil. When I realized it was some rube Read More…