April 19, 2015


Florida Everglades Wild Boar Hunt, Part One of Two


It’s hot. Neil Simon would say, “Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of heat!” but all I get from the locals are “You’re crazy!” stares as they are wearing winter jackets and it is, in fact, mid-February. With the help of a step ladder I climb into the swamp buggy, a custom made open air cousin Read More…

Pier Fishing


With Winter bearing down on us extra hard this year, I thought I’d share the warmth of the sun and take you readers on a little vacation to some place warmer. Don’t worry, I’ll go back to writing about snow shoeing or frostbite soon enough!} To be honest, it’s all I can do to fight Read More…

Ice Fishing


I’d like to tell you one of my, “there I was, in the Congo” –style stories like I usually do, but I’m afraid it’s not so interesting at the moment. Here I am, sitting on a five gallon bucket, on the ice. The wind is about fifteen miles per hour, and this style of ice Read More…

Unintended Quarry

coyote 2

It’s Wednesday of Turkey hunting week, a few years back, and I remember I was feeling a bit irked. The year before I had two turkeys in my freezer by this time of the week, and up to this point in the week I’ve hardly even heard one gobble. This isn’t supposed to happen to Read More…

The Morning Rabbit Hunt


“BA-ROOOOO! BAA-ROO-ROO-ROOOO!” The distinctive baying comes from a dog hardly big enough to fill a shoebox, with a voice big enough to fill a canyon. It’s Abbe, a beagle belonging to my wife’s uncle and a seasoned rabbit-getter. Of course I might be confusing her with Annie, my brother in-law’s beagle, or even Allie, my Read More…

Snow Rollers


One of the great wintertime achievements for a kid in Northeast Ohio is to build a decent snow man. Sure you remember doing it, but do you really remember what it was like? If you had the right snow, the wet pack-able stuff it was easy going, and if you had the light dusty snow, Read More…

One Great Dog


I think it was Mark Twain who said, “The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.” I don’t know if he hunted, but it sounds like something a hunter would say about his dog. Just about any dog can be a good dog, but in a lifetime a guy is lucky Read More…

Pretty but Deadly


“Are you here for the Snowy?” came the startling, but pleasant feminine voice from behind me as I sat freezing New Year’s Day at the old Hotwaters in Lorain. “No,” I responded after recovering my surprise. “I am photographing duck hunters on the break wall.” “Oh,” she said and disappeared. This was my first notice Read More…

Would you share with a Bear?

B&W Bear

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to do the WEOL Morning Show, and one of the topics I was asked about was the invasion of wildlife in urban areas; Are we are seeing more wildlife in the city because we are destroying natural habitat in the wild? The position I took may be Read More…

A Winter Walk


I’m out on another field day, this time at Black Fork Bottoms Hunting Area in Ashland County. A lot of hunters overlook county parks, but sometimes you can hunt in them; it’s just not overly publicized. For instance, right her in Lorain County you can hunt pheasants in Charlemont Reservation south of Wellington. During public Read More…