June 25, 2016


More black smoke means no pope yet

VATICAN CITY — This time there was no doubt. There was no new pope yet, and the mystery of who — and when — was as thick as the unmistakable heavy black smoke billowing from the Sistine Chapel chimney. As thousands waited in a cold night rain in St. Peter’s Square, the cardinals signaled Tuesday Read More…

Dennis Rodman backs black papal candidate in PR stunt

ROME — After raising eyebrows by going to North Korea, former U.S. basketball star Dennis Rodman is continuing his bizarre global tour by visiting Rome — purportedly to help Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson become the first black pope. But Rodman didn’t seem too sure who he was supposed to be promoting when asked about it Read More…

Arcane process encourages papal horse trading

While the voting for the pope is billed as secret, with each cardinal guided only by his faith in God, the process is ultimately a closed-door exercise in consensus-building that cements fidelity to the Church’s new leader among the inner circle. ANCIENT RITUAL The papal election resembles how decisions were made in Europe some 700 Read More…