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ELECTION 2013: Unofficial list of candidates and issues


(D- Democrat, R- Republican,

I- Independent)


President of Council (Elect 1)

John S. Dietrich (D)

Auditor (Elect 1)

David C. Kukucka (D)

Treasurer (Elect 1)

Brian Dembinski (D)

Pamela Tremaine (D)

Richard S. Ramsey (R)

Council at large (Elect 3)

David Janik (D)

Steven J. Mihalcik (D)

Joe Miller (D)

Phil Van Treuren (R)

James C. Pullin (I)

1st Ward Council (Elect 1)

Steve Bukovac (D)

H. Travis Goudy (R)

Michael Ireland (R))

2nd Ward Council (Elect 1)

David Goodell (R)

3rd Ward Council (Elect 1)

David A. Shaffer (D)

Charles S. Winiarski (R

4th Ward Council (Elect 1)

Jennifer Wasilk (R)


Council at large (Elect 4)

Thomas G. Callahan (D)

Bill Grace (D)

Michael J. Lotko, III (D)

Chuck Martin (D)

Victor F. Stewart, III (D)

Jack Baird (R)

Council Ward 1 (Elect 1)

Larry Tanner (D)

Council Ward 2 (Elect 1)

Brenda Kay Davis (D)

Council Ward 3 (Elect 1)

Mark Jessie (D)

Fred Trimble (D)

Garry L. Gibbs (R)

Council Ward 4 (Elect 1)

Council Ward 5 (Elect 1)

Marcus Madison (D)

Council Ward 6 (Elect 1)

Donna Mitchell (D)

Bradley Thomas Blair (R)

Council Ward 7 (Elect 1)

Jack W. Cerra (D)

Scott L. McDonald (R)


President of Council (Elect 1)

Joel Arredondo (D)

Eli De Los Santos (R)

Treasurer (Elect 1)

Anthony Haslage (D)

Karen Shawver (D)

Council at large (Elect 3)

Daniel Given (D)

Joseph F. Koziura (D)

Anne M. Molnar (D)

Christopher P. Olejko (D)

Mark Provenza (D)

Tony Richardson (D)

Council Ward 1 (Elect 1)

Brian J Gates (D)

Kendra L. Sheppard (L)

Council Ward 2 (Elect 1)

Andy Drwal (D)

Dennis Flores (D)

Council Ward 3 (Elect 1)

Tim Howard (D)

Council Ward 4 (Elect 1)

Roberta DiFilippo (D)

Council Ward 5 (Elect 1)

Eddie Edwards (D)

Council Ward 6 (Elect 1)

Martin Santo Leibas (D)

Richard Lucente (D)

Council Ward 7 (Elect 1)

Mike Beatty (D)

Joe Faga (D)

Council Ward 8 (Elect 1)

Frank P. DeTillio (D)

Judge Lorain Municipal Court (Elect 1)

Mark J. Mihok (D)

Clerk Lorain Municipal Court (Elect 1)

Lori A. Maiorana (D)


Council at large (Elect 3)

Jerry Armstrong (D)

Bob Chapek (D)

Jim Leonard (D)

Alan L. Simmons (D)

Richard Sinwald (D)

Bernadine Butkowski (R

Kevin Corcoran (R)

Martin E. DeVries (R)

Timothy F. Gates (R)

Roseanne Johnson (R)


Judge Oberlin Municipal Court (Elect 1)

Thomas A. Januzzi (D)


Council Ward 1 (Elect 1)

Leanna L. Stark

Council Ward 2 (Elect 1)

Alan Smith

Council Ward 3 (Elect 1)

Bill Wtulich, Jr.

Council Ward 4 (Elect 1)

Mark J. Erdei

Dennis Pedings


Mayor (Elect 1)

Jean A. Anderson

Eileen Bulan



Mentally Retarded & Developmental Disabled Children and Adults of Lorain County, replacement — 1.6875 mills for Murray Ridge Center, 5 years

Lorain County, additional — 0.04 mills Lorain County Transit, 5 years

Lorain County, additional — 0.08 mills Lorain County Drug Task Force, 5 years


Avon,  renewal — 1.9 mills street maintenance and repair, 5 years

Avon, renewal — 0.45 mills Parks and Recreation, 5 years

Sheffield Lake — income tax increase of 0.5% to the earned income tax

Vermilion — income tax increase of 0.5% to the municipal income tax


Amherst EVSD, renewal — 7.55 mills emergency requirements, 10 years

Amherst EVSD, renewal — 2.0 mills general permanent improvements, continuous

Avon Lake CSD, additional — 8.28 mills emergency requirements, 10 years

Black River LSD, additional — 8.7 mills emergency requirements, 5 years

Columbia LSD, additional — 5.5 mills current expenses, 5 years

North Ridgeville CSD, renewal — 2.53 mills emergency requirements, 10 years

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