March 4, 2015


Condemned man: Cops botched case

ELYRIA — Attorneys for Stanley Jalowiec, who is awaiting execution for the 1994 slaying of police informant Ronald Lally, contend that police and prosecutorial misconduct put an innocent man on death row and asked Thursday for the convicted killer to receive a new trial. The massive court filing not only renews old allegations that authorities Read More…

LaGrange man indicted for making explosive

ELYRIA — A LaGrange Township man, injured when an explosive target blew up in his face March 2, has been indicted on a single count of unlawful possession of dangerous ordnance. Robert Shaw, 50, initially had faced charges of aggravated arson and the illegal manufacture of explosives in connection with the case, but Lorain County Read More…

Lorain man faces charge of attempted murder for allegedly shooting at cops

LORAIN — Jarelle Guice was charged Thursday with attempted murder for allegedly firing at Lorain police officers trying to arrest him in connection with a domestic violence incident June 3, his attorney said. Lawyer Mike Duff said Guice, who was shot by police following a brief standoff, now will be held in the Lorain County Read More…