April 18, 2015


Condemned man: Cops botched case

ELYRIA — Attorneys for Stanley Jalowiec, who is awaiting execution for the 1994 slaying of police informant Ronald Lally, contend that police and prosecutorial misconduct put an innocent man on death row and asked Thursday for the convicted killer to receive a new trial. The massive court filing not only renews old allegations that authorities Read More…

Convicted killer spits on member of his jury

Neil Simpson is now barred from courtroom as jurors consider the death penalty Read More…

The family of Carol Lutz said justice served

LUCASVILLE – After 18 years of waiting, Carol Lutz’s family said today that justice was finally served on the man who killer her. Speaking after Daniel Wilson’s execution earlier today, Lutz’s mother, Martha Lutz said that Wilson’s death brings some closure. “Today has ended a very long and very hard road for this family,” she Read More…