June 29, 2016

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Loaded magazine left behind during gun legalization gathering in Oberlin park

OBERLIN – A loaded gun magazine was almost left behind at Park Street Park during a gathering Saturday organized by gun activists to highlight the safety of legal gun ownership. City Councilman Bryan Burgess said the incident is just one reason why he doesn’t support legalizing guns in the city’s parks. Currently, Oberlin’s ordinance bans Read More…

Oberlin’s Park Street Park becomes center of gun debate

OBERLIN — It wasn’t exactly the usual scene Saturday in Oberlin’s Park Street Park. After all, the town reknowned for its liberalism generally doesn’t have gun-toting folks hanging out. But that is exactly what occurred Saturday when some Ashland residents and their friends paid a visit to the city with their guns visibly worn and Read More…

State law vs. local law: Gun owners plan picnic in public park

OBERLIN — A number of gun owners will bring their handguns to the city’s parks today despite pleas from City Council and some local residents who say there is no place for guns in Oberlin. Ashland resident Brian Kuzawa, who sparked a city-wide debate after bringing his gun to Oberlin in August, said he is Read More…