February 13, 2016


Of Monarchs and Meisselbachs

Monarch Photo ODNR

We all know the Monarch Butterfly, and most of us know that they winter over in Mexico. Some folks even now things like the butterflies that migrate back north to us in the springtime are an entirely different generation than those that left us in the fall. But do you know that the monarch’s existence Read More…

Smokin Fish

The manager Carrie Ardick-Wormsley of Lorain's Ardick Seafood said they have been smoking 30-40 pounds of fish every other week for 20 years, and two to three times a week during holidays.

The smokehouse, the icehouse and salt were a basic part of the world in which my grandparents reached their 30s and beyond. I can still remember a hot Summer day as a group of us chased the iceman for the chips that flew from his pick as he cut icebox ice for customers on Kenyon Ave. in Elyria. Decades Read More…

Hike With Ike

Everyone calls them "buzzards" but no, they are Turkey Vultures. You'll often see them riding thermal swells circling around and around. The old Western movies would have you believe they are waiting for an animal (or a thirsty cowboy) to die, but usually not.

You might remember my dog, Eisenhower, from our adventures hunting shed deer antlers last winter. In case you thought I only let him out to hunt birds, rabbits or sheds, I thought I’d share with you one of our recent outings. Thomas Jefferson didn’t like the form of exercise we’d call “sports” today. He felt Read More…

Glassing for Deer


This time of year I spend a lot of time “glassing” or looking through my binoculars and spotting scope for whitetail deer, and at this time of year they are seemingly everywhere at the right hours. Walking around the lake there’s a young couple on the bank fixing a couple of lines, completely unaware that Read More…

All about that Bass

I caught this smallie on a Berkeley powerbait Red Soft-Craw. Plastic baits are terrific for small water Bass this time of year.

Word on the lake is the Walleye bite is terrific again, and the perch are picking up in places too. It’s shaping up to be another terrific Lake Erie summer but let’s look inland for just a bit. I love the lake fish and ith them as often as I can when my freezer needs Read More…

Deer Hunting Changes


Of the opinions I’ve heard regarding changes to the rules, few are based in science, some are based in convenience (blackpowder season should be earlier in the year to coincide with my vacation) or personal preference (we should have deer gun season over Christmas break so I can hunt with my kids who are off Read More…

Let’s Go RV’ing

Big, off-seaon RV shows give buyers an opportunity to do real side-by-side comparison of many RV models, and are an increasingly popular way for first-time buyers to join the RV culture.

“Let’s Go RV’ing!” The commercials are selling the word “Away” and they say it’s as much about getting there as it is about being there. But there’s something to this concept of “Away” that’s very genuine and honest; that is as soon as you get “Away” you stop thinking so much about “this here” and Read More…


This Copperhead was also sunning itself in a warm but less-safe place; the road!

Remember that scene where Indiana Jones looks down at the moving, writhing floor of the tomb and woefully remarks, “Snakes, why’d it have to be snakes?” I’d feel the same way. Walking through the high meadows of one of Ohio’s many terrific public hunting areas overlooking a large marsh when I come across something that Read More…

Steelhead Alley


Have you ever watched those fishing shows where the guide leaves his cabin and nets a Brown Trout in the stream that’s right out his back door? Or those tarpon guides who are casting across the flats for a giant shiner before he sees another boat? Ever wish you lived some place with that kind Read More…

Annual Pizza Challenge presented by Elyria Sunrise Rotary


Enter to win 4 tickets to the Annual Pizza Challenge presented by the Elyria Sunrise Rotary at Nick Abraham Elyria Ford on Tuesday, April 21st from 5-8pm! Read More…